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  • Q&A: Lacquer Eyeliner Raven Glaze

    The Rouge Bunny Rouge colour collection includes three different formulas of liquid eyeliners: Satin Eyeliner available in three elegant, powdery-muted classic colours; five gemstone-like, lustrous hues of the Quartz Eyeliner, and just one fabulous jet black shade of the Lacquer Eyeliner RAVEN GLAZE – inky and intense, with a mineral-like, anthracite gleam.

    We have discussed the eyeliners in our Pro Library earlier, so today we want to address frequently asked customers’ questions by sharing make-up artists’ tips on how to work with this eyeliner and what is different about its special texture.

  • Rouge Bunny Rouge Pro Library: Eyeliners

    In this part of our Pro Library series, we’ll have a detailed look at our liquid eyeliners. We’ll start with a few basic tips – that are invaluable when you’re just starting out – and then explore the differences in textures and finishes.RBR-EYELINERS-PROLIBRARY-opener Weiterlesen

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