Meet The Artists: “Define facial features using highlights and lowlights”

Our guest in 2017's first instalment of the Meet The Artists series is Suzana Santalab, make-up artist from Metzingen.

Meet Suzana

Suzana Santalab’s career began in 2003 as a freelance makeup artist for renowned cosmetic brands such as Shiseido, Dior, Chanel, Estée Lauder and Kanebo. Her diverse commissions enabled her to gather experience in both the cosmetic and the decorative sector, giving her the opportunity to refine her skills. From 2007 onwards, Suzana’s work focused more and more on working with professional photographers, and she’s been working on beauty, fashion and commercial shoots since 2008. Her work appears in catalogues, magazines and international advertising campaigns, recently 0039 Italy, Escada, Pierre Cardin and many more.

Suzana’s portfolio website | creative agency | Beauty Blog | Instagram

1. Suzana, what was the first ever RBR product you’ve used? What was your impression?
My first RBR product was the Satin Eyeliner. I totally fell in love with it because of its special brush.

2. What is beautiful skin to you and what do you do to achieve the look?
Perfectly beautiful skin has a look that’s fresh, healthy & moisturised. I achieve the look by using a wee bit of make up and almost no powder. I try to keep the shine off the skin, too.

I love to tone things down while underlining the different features of the face by creating highlights and lowlights.
Les Yeux Revolver
Factice Magazine, 12 2016
Photographer: Benjamin Becker
Makeup and Hair: Suzana Santalab at Peppermint Circus using Rouge Bunny Rouge and Metalmorphosis 005 by Pat McGrath
Manicure: Yulia Zimmermann
Model: Melina Ripken at Modelwerk

3. What is your favourite RBR product and why?
My favourite RBR product is MILK AQUARELLE because it’s not only a foundation, it’s also a moisturiser. The skin looks healthy and a bit glowy, and this is what I really like.

4. If you were to add one new product to the RBR collection, what would it be?
A mineral loose powder.

5. Would you share one particularly beautifying make-up trick with our readers?
Put your closed tube of mascara in a glass of warm water for a few minutes, you’ll love the texture :)

Thanks, Suzana!

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