Neu im Shop: ARCANE Limited Crystal Edition

Unser erstes Meisterstück aus der CRYSTAL EDITION Kollektion 'Arcane' ist ein Concrète de Parfum in einer reinen Parfumkonzentration: Mysteriös, majestätisch und intensiv.

Just like gold and platinum ores gleam in the darkest depths, arcane and strange, wonderful dreams hide in the subconscious, waiting to be unearthed.

ARCANE – the design

This Woody Oriental presented in a luxuriant, heavy crystal bottle comes in a white lacquered case that bears resemblance to a very elegant Victorian musical box.

The bottle itself – adorned with a delicate silver rim and an engraved stopper – is reminiscent of decanter-like perfume flacon designs of the Victorian era. A crystal wand to apply perfume is enclosed.

ARCANE – the fragrance

Flecked with gold, this pearlescent solid perfume melts on your skin releasing a lingering, rich, mesmerising veil of exotic notes:

Sweet, dark, exquisite top notes:
Vanilla, Spices, Saffron

Passionate, dangerous, contrasting heart notes:
Cistus, Incense, Amber

Quiet, contemplative, warm base notes:
Patchouli, Musk, Sandalwood, Cedarwood