Meet The Artists: “A matte, shocking pink lipstick would be epic”

A lover of bold statement lipstick and an up-and-coming make-up artist, Anne Helen is a German blogger and film producer based in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Meet Anne Helen

In her own words:
“I’m a student, a lifestyle blogger and a film producer originally from Essen. I’ve lost my heart in Copenhagen.
Other than studying natural sciences, I’m interested in all things beauty, make-up, movies, acting, and fashion; I blog at length about beauty and make-up.
My favourite quote is this: ‘Who cares for your beauty if your tongue is ugly’.”

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Q: Anne Helen, what was the first ever RBR product you’ve used? What was your impression?

A: My first RBR product was the SILHOUETTE OF GRACE Brow Expert Gel in ‘Earthshine’. I was impressed by the ease of application and the natural-looking result.

Q: Would you share one Particularly Beautifying make-up trick with our readers? How to achieve a flawless-looking complexion?

A: Sure, entre nous girls…
Apply your concealer, your foundation by dabbing it on gently using your fingertips. This distributes the product evenly and you achieve a very natural-looking finish.

Also, it doesn’t take a lot to have beautiful complexion. Quality beauty products, workout, healthy diet. It’s also very important to remove your make-up in the evening and to apply a good primer afterwards.


Q: Which is your favourite RBR product and why? What do you miss? 

A: My favourite RBR product is the KISS ELIXIR Lip Balm. I love it when my lips feel nourished while looking good. It’s also kissproof. So you’re up for any challenge!
If you made a matte, shocking pink lipstick, that would be epic.

Q: Which make-up artists do you find particularly inspiring and why? 

A: One of my favourite make-up and hair artists is Katja Richter. Why? She’s the embodiment of rock ’n’ roll, talent and femininity.

Q: Who would you love to do make-up for, and why (a living person or an icon from the past)? 

A: I’d love to work with Johnny Depp. He’s so cool, and you can go for it as an artist.

Thanks, Anne Helen!

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