Meet The Beauty Bloggers: Mel & Fel, Germany

With her meticulously performed and photographed beauty looks ranging from innocently sweet to beautifully shocking, Melanie is one of the most artistic bloggers full of ideas.

Meet Melanie

In her own words: “I’m Melanie, 31 years old, and I write about cosmetics, skincare and perfume since 4.5 years on my blog mel et fel. I focus on high-end products.”

The blog: Mel et Fel
Social media: Facebook or Instagram.

Q: Melanie, what was the first ever RBR product that you’ve used? What was your first impression?

A: My first RBR product was the Loose Glitter Pigment in ‘Spun from Sunny Seawater’. I love the design and how striking the FIRE DROPS are with those brilliant, opaque colours. Basically they are loose eyeshadows in a practical packaging that dispenses the perfect amount of product.

Q: What is beautiful skin to you – and what do you do to achieve the look?

A: Flawless, clear skin is the ideal canvas for any beauty look. And it lets you look good even without make-up. That’s why skincare is essential for me. I choose gentle skincare, with good moisturising properties and sunscreen.

Q: If you were to add one new product to the RBR collection, what would it be?

A: In terms of quality, RBR foundations are very good. Unfortunately, they are a little bit too dark for me. I’d like a brighter shade with a pink undertone.

Q: What do you think is the most modern look and why?

A: For me the most modern look is natural, fresh, and highlights the individual style. This is not a new trend, after all, but a luminous complexion and a natural beauty are simply timeless, look youthful and are never off-key. Besides, you can always perk it up with a more flamboyant lipstick.

Q: What is your signature look?

A: My signature look consists of: a light BB cream or foundation that improves my complexion without looking cakey, a touch of blush in a fresh coral or light pink shade, bright eyeshadow and a subtly defined crease, ultra-fine eyeliner, mascara and a sheer, glossy, wet-finish lipstick in pink or coral.

Thank you, Mel! ;)

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