Blogs: Summer Favourites

The latest highlights from some of our favourite beauty bloggers and YouTubers.
YouTube beauty bloggers, from left to right:
Valentina Ricci, Coline of eppcoline, Diana of easyNeon.

European YouTubers

From Italy: beauty vlogger Valentina Ricci was unboxing RBR novelties and swatching them on the fly.

From France: YouTube blogger Coline of EtPourquoisPasColine has reviewed several RBR complexion products, Eye Khol, Loose Glitter Pigment in ‘Sleeping Under Mandarin Tree’ (“hyper-joli!”), and the Highlighting Liquid in ‘Sea of Showers’, creating a tutorial for a very lovely and wearable full face classic beauty look.

From the UK: beauty vlogger Diana of easyNeon has created the Full Face Light Glam for a Summer Night Out tutorial featuring Loose Glitter Pigment in ‘Sleeping Under Mandarin Tree’ and the ‘Antigo’ RAW GARDEN palette for eyes so magnetic they are sure to turn heads.

About Fragrant Confections & Provenance Tales

„My favorites are Vespers, composed by Givaudan’s Sonia Constant, a stonking woody rose with a well judged mixture of trashiness and style; Embers (composed by Shyamala Maisondieu also at Giv) that smells so convincingly of burnt matches that it will probably set off smoke detectors in aircraft; and Allegria, a fresh, melancholy and very original mint-hawthorn-grapefruit confection, also by Sonia Constant.“
– Luca Turin’s perfumesilove

“There is no room for indifference, there is no safety net in the Rouge Bunny Rouge perfumes; only Ariadne's thread that leads to the palace of memories and dreams.”
– Vision 30

Range Review Time

Frontlinebeauty blogger Jessica Revitte has reviewed a wide selection of newly launched as well as reformulated RBR products – both shades of our LOVES LIGHT Highlighting Powder, RAW GARDEN ‘Antigo’, ALCHEMY Long-lasting Brow Liners, DAZZLING SIP Tinted Luxe Balms, SKIN SOUL DROPS Foundation Essence – in a blog post that left us gasping for air with its elegant literary backdrop:


See the full post, product swatches and Jessica’s RBR beauty look at: Rouge Bunny Rouge Masters of Texture: A Cosmetics Collection Befitting an Old World Fairy Tale | Frontlinebeauty.

What Bloggers Say About…

…RAW GARDEN Eye Shadow Palette ’Antigo’:
“Wonderfully silky.”
– Rougerepertoire 

“The way the shades softly melt and hug the skin was really impressive.”
– Wondegondigo

“…like always RBR did an amazing job.”
– Chicprofile


…DAZZLING SIP Tinted Lip Balm:

„If you love some skincare luxury in your everyday routine, this is for you.“
– Rougerepertoire

“It makes your lips feel great.”
– Potpourri of Whatever

“The formula is the best I have ever tried.”
– New Love Makeup

“the perfect combination of noninvasive lip treatment with beautifying colour”
– Stylecartel

… ALCHEMY Long-lasting Brow Liner:

“I love the natural colors.”
– Best things in beauty 

“The color lasted the entire day without smudging.”
– Chicprofile

“I use both products with each make-up look and I’m more than excited!”
– Marion Hair Makeup 

…and other novelties:

Highlighting Powder:
“It gives just a nice glowy effect and it doesn’t emphasize pores”
– Chicprofile

Foundation Essence:
„Texture, pigmentation and longevity of this foundation essence are fabulous.“
– Indian Shringar

NAKED DISGUISE Glide Concealer:
“[…] described as “bare skin but better”. And that is exactly that!”
– Makeup4All

Blog Ticker

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