[Pro Library] Bronzers For Fair Skin

While we have discussed balanced and natural-looking bronzers for everyone in our first bronzers post, today we’re particularly excited to meet the demands of many of you with our tips and reformulated products ideal for fair and very fair skin. All products can be layered from a “barely there” touch of tan to a rich, shimmering shade of gold. No excuses – it’s Riviera glow for everyone.

Bronzer for pale skin – warm, cool or neutral undertones

Relaunched in 2016 with a new, more exquisite packaging, our Bronzing Glow Powder in ‘…at Goldcombe Bay’ is a flattering, satin-finish natural beige-brown with an ultra-fine, luminous golden shimmer suitable for warmer and cooler undertones alike.
With powerful active ingredients to even out and nourish your skin.
Bronzing Glow Powder is best applied with RBR Face Contour Brush 012.

Bronzer for very pale and cool skin tones

However neutral and natural looking Bronzing Glow Powder may be, it still imparts a “sunny” golden glow that can in fact be too much “heat” for some very cool and very fair complexions.
A customer suggests using our repackaged and reformulated FOR LOVE OF ROSES Original Skin Blush in ‘Delicata’ instead – it’s a very similar, natural and neutral beige colour without any hint of gold.
What do you think?
Original Skin Blush ‘Delicata’ (on the left) versus Bronzing Glow Powder ‘…at Goldcombe Bay’.

Bronzer for very fair and warm to neutral skin tones

Completely reformulated in 2016, our LOVES LIGHT Highlighting Powder comes in two radiant, sensual tones one of which is your ideal “sun-kissed” glow for neutral to warm fair complexions: ‘Sweet to Touch’ is a fair, golden amber shade that magnificently transforms your face with more than just holiday-like dewiness and a “blurred”, flawless finish but with triple anti-aging effects in its formula as well.
It’s feather-light and gorgeously creamy on your skin.
Highlighting Powder ‘Sweet to Touch’ was used to create that transparent, golden Riviera glow for our summer beauty look SUMMER NIGHT SYMPHONY.

If you’ve got more tips – or questions – share them in the comments below.