Blogs & Press: Spring Favourites

The latest highlights from our favourite beauty bloggers, editors and make-up artists.

YouTube Beauty Bloggers

YouTube beauty blogger extraordinaire from Australia, Karima Mckimmie (blog and channel: Shameless Fripperies) is a declared DIAPHANOUS fan. Her looks are always impeccable and the tutorials fun and precise. We’re particularly loving her tips for perfect eyeliner with no smudging, the rosy date make-up tutorial, the glam daytime look with matte eyeshadow, and the “editorial glossy skin” tutorial.

Texas-based cruelty-free beauty blogger Leticia of has reviewed several RBR goodies for the first time (watch now: First Impressions) and is very impressed by the staying power of SKIN SOUL DROPS and DIAPHANOUS on oily skin.

Another in-depth first impressions video comes from the Russian beauty & fashion blogger Katrin from Berlin who reviews several classics along with our latest (SKIN SOUL DROPS, DAZZLING SIP) and upcoming launches (eye brow pencil). watch now/ Russian language video: Beauty Haul | Много косметики

Fashion Editorials

Katja Luz (interview here) has worked on some glorious fashion editorials.
RBR_KatjaLuz_FashionEditorials_Defused_EnfantsTerribles RBR_KatjaLuz_FashionEditorials_Fashn_Hacid

You can enjoy the Enfants Terribles story in the digital issue over on; the uber-cool Defused editorial ‘Green Gazpacho’ is available on the magazine website.

Dreamy rainy days’ romance comes to life in make-up artist Eliška Matějková’s and photographer Lucie Robinson’s photo story (Moje Psychologie).

What Bloggers Say About…

…new products
(used to create our EUPHONY OF LACE beauty look):
“Amazing new makeup products.”
– Chic Profile

…Long-lasting Eye Shadow in ‘Abyssinian Catbird’:
„Soft texture that's easy/no mess to appl.“
– Citrine’s Blog

…Long-Lasting Duo Cream Eye Shadow:
„Could not be a more perfect neutral combination for me – for anyone, I'll bet.“
– Best things beauty

…RBR products in general:
Sources: – British Jet – Indian Shringar | – Lullabees

…Eye Khol FELINE GAZE in ‘Selene’:
“A perfect complement to richer colouring.”
– Alexandria Stylebook

…Original Skin Blush In ‘Habanera’:
“I love that the color is buildable and not overly pigmented.”
– Beautetude

…RAVEN GLAZE Lacquer Eyeliner:
“Worth every penny you invest. Highly recommended!”
– Chamber of Beauty

…RBR Lipsticks:
1. Fragrant Foodie (Colour Burst Lipstick in ‘Word of Mouth’)
2. Chinspire (Colour Burst Lipstick in ‘Irreverence’)
3. Wonderlusting (Sheer Lipstick in ‘Perfume of His Gaze’)

…Quartz Eyeliner in ‘Tanzanite Essence’:
„A gorgeous sparkling effect.“
– Makeup4All

“Is easily one of the best primers that I have used.“
– Logical Harmony

…METAMORPHOSES Mattifying Primer:
“An extra skin benefit.”
– Blonde Tea Party

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