New In – Reformulated, Repackaged LOVES LIGHTS Highlighting Powder

Discover the sensationally soft and luminous anti-aging formula in the brand new luxurious packaging.

Free from parabens, fragrance, D5, the renewed formula of LOVES LIGHTS Highlighting Powder is now even softer, creamier and silkier. New generation pigments and powders make the texture particularly smooth and comfortable.

The radiant finish LOVES LIGHTS Highlighting Powder imparts to your skin blurs the flaws – and highlights your unique beauty.

Skin’s own anti-aging and rejuvenation skin processes such as natural detoxification and collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis are boosted.

Both colours create that universally flattering glow effect of golden sun rays on your skin. ‘Goddess’ is suitable for very pale to medium skin tones, ‘Sweet to Touch’ is ideal for medium to darker skin tones:




Ein Gedanke zu „New In – Reformulated, Repackaged LOVES LIGHTS Highlighting Powder“

  • Hailey

    I love a good highlighter but this sounds better than that! I love that you've included anti-aging benefits, you can never be too young to start worrying about wrinkles.