Your RBR Favourites In 2015

Since we put a lot of heart and soul into the creation and development of our collection, we’re always most curious to see Your favourites.
Please share with us in the comments which were your personal RBR favourites and why – we love to hear from you. And now, without further ado, here are the five top sellers of 2015.


Not only has the Highlighting Liquid won several awards – it was your top favourite in 2015. And with beauty trends like strobing and healthy luminous ‘I woke up like this’ complexion look on the rise, this delightful water-based liquid is most likely to remain a favourite with customers and beauty experts in 2016.

Close second: the five rich shades of our Long-lasting Matt Eye Shadow Refills (here shown in the practical and chic Trio Keeper sold separately). These are followed by a sparkling treasure – the Loose Glitter Pigment, the Impalpable Finishing Powder and our freshly reformulated jelly-like Sheer Lipsticks.

Well, we are Excited.
Such an excellent choice of yours.

And now how about we celebrate the new beauty year with an exciting giveaway?

As always, let us hear your thoughts in the comments (all commenters enter our monthly product draw).

5 Gedanken zu „Your RBR Favourites In 2015“

  • Catheline

    I personally love the Loose Glitter Pigment! It's easy to use, not messy, and there are beautiful shades for everyone who loves a bit of twinkle for their eye!

  • Ellen

    Oh my goodness those shadows just look so incredibly gorgeous! I love the way you package and design your products. Amazing!

  • Klara Susteric

    I absolutely love RBR eyeshadows and the liquid highlighter and am a fan of your regular lipstick formula. Next product which I am going to get is most certainly going to be the loose powder as I've read so many positive reviews on it.

  • Nicci

    My favorites are the Impalpable Finishing Powder & matte eyeshadow in Blackpepper Jay!

  • Evelyne

    I'm in love with the liquid highlighter. Even its' smell is fabulous!