Your Favourite Beauty Essential In 2015


Highlighters have become a real must-have due to recent beauty trends such as contouring and strobing. And if there’s one RBR product bursting with awards and accolades then it’s the Highlighting Liquid. This customer favourite comes in three beautifying shades to satisfy any complexion’s make-up needs while nurturing and pampering the skin with Hyaluronic Acid, Melissa Extract and Vitamin E.

From left to right, SEAS OF ILLUMINATION Highlighting Liquid in:
‘Sea of Tranquillity’ – pearly luminous softest pink;
‘Sea of Clouds’ – transparent luminous effect;
‘Sea of Showers’ – golden honey and white gold.

At Rouge Bunny Rouge, the three shades of our bestselling Highlighting Liquid have always played a major part in our seasonal beauty looks, has been picked by beauty experts and for beauty tutorials over and over again.

In 2015, the freshly repackaged Highlighting Liquid has won two beauty industry awards.

So it’s for fairly good reasons that the Highlighting Liquid is named one of their all-time favourites in our make-up artist interviews.

Tell us which colour you prefer and why in the comments below.

6 Gedanken zu „Your Favourite Beauty Essential In 2015“

  • Catherine

    Sea of showers gorgeous on medium olive skin.

  • Claire

    The sea of clouds looks the most versatile since it could work with both and warm and cool skin tones. I'm really excited to try that one out.

  • Linda

    I love Sea of Tranquility!! It gives just the barest pink tint to brighten when mixed with my foundation, and an amazing glow when applied on the high points of my face! Simply lovely, can't get enough!

  • Ellen

    I am definitely drawn to Sea of Clouds. It seems like it would be extremely flattering on neutral skin tones. Absolutely love the new packing, must try these out!

  • Catherine

    Sea of showers is what I will try.

  • Beauty Bee

    Ahhh* your highlighting liquids are the bomb! I always feel like a medieval princess wearing them (maybe because it reminds me of fairy tails) ;) <3