Happy Holidays


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  • Sam

    I discovered RBR many years ago, and I can say that it is the most beautiful brand I've ever come across. The packaging is absolutely stunning, and the colours look like they're straight from the fairy garden. I also would like to give a big shout-out to Nadin Eule (if she's reading this) for helping me with the blog I used to have. I moved to a country where I cannot get RBR, that's why I haven't been able to keep in touch. I absolutely loved the bronzer in the orange packaging, it is the most magnificient piece of make up I've ever seen. I tried to see whether you still have it, but you changed the packaging of it. If there's a possibility to get a refill for the old packaging, please let me know (I wouldn't know how to get it, though, but I may be visiting Europe at some stage). Merry Christmas to you, especially to Nadin. Hope you guys are having a successful new year!

  • Laura L.

    Happy holidays!

  • Rouge Bunny Rouge
    Rouge Bunny Rouge Dezember 28, 2015 um 11:10 am

    Thank you so much, Laura, we hope you enjoyed the holidays, too!