Blogs & Press: Autumn Favourites

Discover RBR favourites and 2015 new launches through the prism of the beauty bloggers’ and editors’ expertise.

RBR Novelties:
Reviews & Swatches

Having launched new products in summer, we at RBR are tickled pink to read the glowing reviews from both our customers and the international beauty bloggers.

The brand new SILK AETHER Long-lasting Duo Cream Eye Shadow with its signature, whipped cream texture and natural, universally flattering colours is:

…”especially forgiving on older lids where lines/folds are an issue.”
Visionary Beauty

…”incredibly smooth and silky.“
British Beauty Blogger

…”once dry – totally budge proof..“
Emily Loke (review, swatches, and beauty look)

…”the best, in my opinion.“
Rakhshanda Chamber of Beauty

Our reformulated Glide Concealer (in ‘Melia’, the darker shade) has been swatched and reviewed at The Point of Vu and Rakhshanda Chamber of Beauty.

Launched in 2015, our brand new EVANESCENCE Imperceptible Powder has been dubbed “modern anti-aging skincare meets makeup” (Perilously Pale) while all four shades have been swatched and reviewed at Color Me Loud.

Not entirely new, but reformulated and most suitably presented in a revamped metallic case with an elegant magnetic closure, the Original Skin Blush (here in ‘Gracilis’) is reviewed and swatched at Rakhshanda Chamber of Beauty: “It has been my all time favorite blush and I find it even more impressive with its new version.”

RBR Classics:
Editors’ Picks

Mell’s Corner picked the Tinted Moisturiser as one of her October Beauty Favourites + + + Citrine’s blog swatches our Long-lasting Eye Shadow in ‘Delicate Hummingbird’ + + + My Funny Valentine Blog picked Long-lasting Eye Shadow (‘Umber Firefinch’) and Long-lasting Matt Eye Shadow (‘Blackpepper Jay’) as her September Beauty Favourites. The Russian beauty forum Kosmetista has new RBR product reviews and swatches.

Image: RBR Blender Brush 016 picked by ELLE Germany, December 2015 as one of the most important make-up tools.

Beauty editors of the OK! magazine Russia have offered their interpretation of our beauty look In The Alpenglow + + + The beauty blogger Linda of Silverkis swatched and reviewed her personal RBR favourites and posted several stunning beauty looks + + + Shameless Fripperies’ Karima used DIAPHANOUS and SILK AETHER for her soft flattering makeup for a photoshoot tutorial + + + Russian beauty blogger Lovely Lyu reviewed LILT (and shared some truly gorgeous photography).

Image: photoshoot pages from left to right Tantalum magazine, MOD magazine.
Make-up artist: Sonia Tamburo using Rouge Bunny Rouge

7 Gedanken zu „Blogs & Press: Autumn Favourites“

  • Reny Senjaya

    I would love to try your Evanescence Powder! It looks amazing! I am quite new to your brand and Seas of Illumination (Clouds) was actually my first RBR product but I've been loving it ever since!

  • Rouge Bunny Rouge
    Rouge Bunny Rouge November 26, 2015 um 5:27 pm

    Thanks a lot, Reny, we are happy to hear that you love our Highlighting Liquid! Please don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions you might have, we are happy to help.

  • Mamavalveeta03

    I love your products, but where is the contest that you posted on Instagram and Facebook?!?

  • Rouge Bunny Rouge
    Rouge Bunny Rouge November 27, 2015 um 9:50 am

    To enter our competition, you just need to leave a comment on any of our blog posts. You are now entered in our November competition and we wish you good luck!

  • Susan gray

    Love the embossing, it's like artwork, especially the birds on the eyeshadow palette. So nice I never want to use them!

  • Susan gray

    Love the embossing on the eye shadows and blushes, especially the birds on the eyeshadow palette. So nice I don't want to use and spoil them!

  • Laura L.

    Loving this post! I need to try out the Glide Concealer and Evanescence Imperceptible Powder, they both look wonderful. So far I've adored all the powder products I've tried!