The 5 Deadly Sins Of Mascara

RBR_Mascara-Dos-and-DontsFlaking, smudging, stinging, clumping – not all mascara nuisances come from a poorly chosen product. Sometimes the devil’s in the detail. Let’s talk about mascara Dos and Don’ts.

Clumpy mascara is being made a trend every now and then, but the look is hard to pull off in style. Usually clumpy lashes are a thing to avoid. And quite often, the product will dry and form unsightly clumps if you “pump” too much air into the tube.

Do: there is no need at all to stir up the product with the brush – open, apply, repeat if needed, close.

The dirty fallout is a side effect of a product that’s too dry. Maybe it sat in your beauty case for too long, or maybe it had too much contact with air. Sometimes mascara will fall off your lashes if you have layered on too much.

Do: for a nice “falsies” effect sans flaking, use a volumizing formula that’s silky and buildable, like our AMPLITUDE Big Lash Mascara.

Oh the smudging! While all RBR mascara formulas are made to stay smudge-free, oily lids – some eye contour creams have that effect – can still mess up your most skilful EOTD.

Do: use a nourishing primer or an eye base product with powerful skincare benefits, like our PRELUDE IN THE CLOUDS Aqua Primer or FINE-SPUN LIGHT Luminous Skin Wand.

Uh-oh. Mascara that has never before made you tear up has probably been around for too long. RBR mascaras are made to last for up to 6 months once open.

Do: keep an eye on the calendar and choose a product for sensitive eyes like our UBIQUITOUS Magnitude Mascara that’s free from fragrance and alcohol.

Sometimes mascara wears wonderfully, stays put, never flakes or smudges… Never. In the evening, removing this mascara feels like a fight – and whoever wins, your lashes lose.

Do: only use waterproof products when swimming.
In your everyday life, even in our beloved rainy London, a water-resistant formula is more than enough.
We recommend WITCHERY Modelling Mascara for perfect lash separation and highly buildable (touch-up friendly) coverage and for soft cleansing – our micellar Gentle Cleansing Water CAPTURED MISTS OF SERENITY.

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  • Sidrah

    Mascara is the trickiest makeup product. If i apply too much my curl will drop, if I don't apply enough they look nonexistent lol.