Bloggers about EVANESCENCE Imperceptible Powder

In-depth blogger reviews and swatches of our new compact powder launched in 2015.


Under The Evanescence Moon:
Blogger Reviews & Swatches

EVANESCENCE Imperceptible Powder was picked, among other novel products, by popular Russian blog and forum in their feature on giving up foundation in summer and autumn days + + + My Notes About Beauty: in-depth review and swatches (‘Mirage’) + + + Independent professional beauty blog Beauty Insider: seasonal beauty news + + + Foodika, a famous Moscow based food, beauty and fitness blogger calls it a “hot ticket” + + + Discover ‘Eidola’ swatched on Veraanda beauty blog + + + For beauty blogger Parfumistika, EVANESCENCE Imperceptible Powder (swatches of ‘Mirage’) is her “powder holy grail” + + +


+ + + Beauty blogger Ananaska reviews and swatches ‘Mirage’ + + + “In love” with the Imperceptible Powder for the oily skin type is the German beauty blogger Beauty Spion + + + All four shades of EVANESCENCE – ‘Aura’, ‘Halo, ‘Mirage’ and ‘Eidola’ – are beautifully swatched on Perilously Pale + + + See ‘Aura’ swatched, worn and reviewed Visionary Beauty + + + Blogger Chic Profile “can’t look away from the gorgeous pattern“ of EVANESCENCE + + + Swatches and pictures of all four shades (along with SWEET EXCESSES Glass Glosses and SWELL BLISS Lip Plumps) are gorgeously presented on the Makeup And Beauty Blog.

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