Press & Blogs Ticker, Summer 2015

Customer feedback and experts’ reviews are our well of inspiration.

Seeing our beloved favourites from the Enchanted Garden receive appreciation from discerning beauty experts worldwide fills our hearts with gratitude, joy – and inspiration to astonish you all with the next whimsical beauty treasure:

The Enchanted Limelight

SEAS OF ILLUMINATION Highlighting Liquid was chosen as the recipient of the Editor’s Pick Honorable Mention in the Highlighter/Contour category of the 2015 Awards.

* * * 

The Guardian says about the Highlighting Liquid: “unbelievably finely milled and lasts for years” (article: Beauty for dark skin: contouring).

* * *

Emily Loke has the most accurate recent SEAS OF ILLUMINATION swatches of all three shades on her blog in the series wittily called The Highlighter Chronicles.

What is your favourite SEAS OF ILLUMINATION Highlighting Liquid colour?

* * *

Lynda of reviews, swatches and wears all SUCCULENCE OF DEW colours: “a pleasure to wear, like the lipstick equivalent of French silk lingerie”.

* * *

Find an in-depth review and beautiful swatches of several RBR eye and lip products, such as the Brightening Liner Duo, the Glassy Glosses and more, on My Newest Addiction.

* * *

Justina’s Gems shares in her TENERA review: “a gorgeous scent through and through” – and one of her signature scents that help her stand out from the fragrant mainstream.

* * *

The latest in our fine fragrance collection Provenance Tales, INCOGNITO has made it to Carolina Style Mag 6 Beach Beauty Must Haves: “If you like deep silky scents that are unisex…this is the one!”

* * *

Almost a classic in our fine fragrance collection is CYNEFIN. The Tie Bar blog Behind the Bar writes about CYNEFIN: “On first sniff, you’ll take in herbal scents. Stick around, and you’ll get notes of lavender and crushed violet. This isn’t your girlfriend’s fragrance though. A hint of masculine leather comes through in the end, but chances are she’ll still want to steal it anyway.”

Which is your favourite from our Vapours of Captured Memories collection?

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  • Hailey

    These are such whimsical product reviews, I love them! Emily Loke's highlighter chronicles are one of my favourites, she's so thorough.