Make-Up Tips for Glasses Wearers

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Whether you are wearing glasses or want your share of the gorgeous geek chic, in this post we will answer your most often asked questions.

Eye Make-Up for Glasses Wearers: Q&A with Jo Levy

Q: My frames leave pressure marks around the nose where the make-up smudges. What can I do?

A: Setting with a finishing powder will allow your foundation to last longer and reduce the effects of perspiration along the nose and shifting due to excess oils on the skin.

I recommend setting the area around the edges of the nose where the glasses sit by applying an extra, light layer of translucent setting powder such as our Impalpable Finishing Powder along the bridge of the nose using RBR Crease Brush 011. Allow a few seconds for the powder to absorb and then put on your glasses.

Q: How to prevent the unwanted effect of smaller, tired-looking or too large-looking eyes?

A: The trick to not having your eyes disappear behind a framed lens is to define your features by using an eyeliner, especially along the tops of the lashes. A few tricks for application:

Apply Rouge Bunny Rouge Eye Kohl or RAVEN GLAZE Lacquer Eyeliner to the top lash line, moving from the inner corner to just outside the edge of the upper lash line. Be sure to finish your line by smudging the liner along the water line underneath your lash line. This trick allows eyes to appear brighter and also creates the illusion of longer looking lashes.

The next step is to apply one coat of volume enhancing mascara to the top and bottom lashes. A favourite of mine is Big Lash Mascara for doll-like, feathery lashes. I prefer to keep the eyelids looking clean since a smoky eye can get lost behind a pair of glasses.

Instead, sweep a bone coloured eye shadow such as ‘Unforgettable Oriole’ or ‘Papyrus Canary’ (Long-lasting Matt Eye Shadow collection) over the entire lid before applying eyeliner and mascara. For added definition, smudge a soft line using our Eye Khols along the lower lashes, blending in halfway across the lower lash line. This will allow the eyes to pop a bit more.

Q: My mascara leaves marks on the lens, what can I do to prevent that?

A: It’s fairly simple… waiting a few minutes for the mascara to dry actually does the trick. I also find that curling the lashes prior to applying mascara so that they bend upward helps to minimize this from occurring.

Product tip: You might love the curling effect of the Magnitude Mascara UBIQUITOUS.

Q: My eyebrows seem to ‘disappear’ behind the frames, how to fix that? 

A: I think that it is essential that eyebrows be groomed, shaped and defined when wearing eyeglasses since they can get lost behind a frame. This is particularly the case when you have barely-there brows.

For a quick trick to help bring brows out, brush the brows upward and then slant the brush slightly when you reach the natural arch of your brow line using RBR’s Brow Brush 006 or Brow & Lashes Brush 007.

Apply a light coat of SMITHEREENS OF STARS Eye Gloss for delicate sheen and lock the lashes in place.

If filling in the brows, slightly dampen Long-lasting Matt Eye Shadow in ‘Chestnut-napped Apalis’ or ‘Blackpepper Jay’ using Eyeliner 008 Brush and apply along the lash line using feathery strokes, filling in sparse areas.

Overall, I generally prefer eyeglass frames that sit right below the brows so the brows don’t fully get lost behind a frame.

Q: Should I pair my eye make-up colour to my eye colour or to my frame colour – or both?

A: This is the part where you can get really creative with playing up the eyes by choosing a coloured frame and pairing your make-up.

There is really no right or wrong answer to this option, however, a few recommendations that can bring out eye colour would be these:

For blue eyes:

Black, brown, tortoise or navy coloured frames tend to bring out blue eyes.

Try pairing the look with a chocolate hued eyeliner such as RBR Eye Kohl in ‘Eve’, Long-lasting Eye Shadow in ‘Golden Rhea’ and Big Lash Mascara in ‘Pure Obsidian’.

For brown eyes:

Black, olive, aubergine or charcoal grey frames tend to bring out brown eyes.

Try pairing the look with Eye Kohl in ‘Lilith’, Long-lasting Eye Shadow in ‘Solstice Halcyon’ and Big Lash Mascara in ‘Pure Obsidian’.

For green and hazel eyes:

Black, brown, plum, and tortoise frames bring out green or hazel eyes.

Try pairing the look with Eye Kohl in ‘Delilah’, Long-lasting Matt Eye Shadow in ‘Sweet Dust Seriema’ and Big Lash Mascara in ‘Golden Charcoal’.


A few more tips for a classy look

THE UNDESIRED SHADOW: Quite often, the frames will cast a shadow that can emphasize dark under eye circles (or even create them in the first place). We recommend using a light-reflective and skin-pampering concealer such as our Luminous Skin Wand: in addition to the luminous coverage, it offers you a long-time treatment, reducing puffiness and darkness with its unique blend of active ingredients.

SHORT-SIGHTEDNESS PROBLEMS: If your lenses are so strong they are making your eyes look smaller, this doesn’t mean you should never wear eyeliner. First, choose eye products that will open up your beautiful eyes visually: apply the pink colour of our Brightening Eye Duo to the waterline and blend the white, highlighting shade into the inner corners of your eyes. For a touch of luminous, bejewelled definition, use our Quartz Eyeliner – its soft, water-based formula offers an astounding colour depth and a near-addictive shine in five fantastic colours that will bring out any eye colour.

LONG-SIGHTEDNESS PROBLEMS: If your glasses are making your eyes look particularly large, you’ll want to make sure your make-up is perfectly immaculate – because the lenses also will enlarge any flawed line.

Don’t worry though, for the textures of our Long-lasting Matt Eye Shadows, the precise tips of our Eyeliners and last but not least our collection of artist-quality make-up brushes will help you achieve just that. With the silky matt finish of our Satin Eyeliner NOCTURNAL INK, bold make-up doesn’t need to vanish from your beauty book (just play a bit to discover what shapes of lines exactly work the best for you).

If you happen to have further questions (or great tips), please ask in the comments below, and we’ll be happy to help (and to share).