RBR Insiders Share Their Beauty Essentials

Only the perfect texture ensures the right feel, wear and skin fidelity – and the simple pleasure of excellently crafted beauty products can brighten up the dullest of days.

Let us inspire you today with our international team’s all time beauty favourites.

Radiant Beauty Essentials

We have asked the international RBR team for their all time beauty essentials… And behold: some of them couldn’t even narrow it down to one absolute favourite!

1. Blush Wand in ‘Rubens’
2. Luminous Skin Wand FINE-SPUN LIGHT
3. Highlighting Liquid SEAS OF ILLUMINATION
4. Bronzing Glow Liquid AS IF IT WERE SUMMER STILL...
5. Brightening Liner Duo EYES WIDE OPEN
6. Liquid Foundation in ‘Chestnut Milk Parfait’
7. Tinted Moisturiser SKETCHES ON WATER
9. Original Skin Blush FOR LOVE OF ROSES

AS IF IT WERE SUMMER STILL...: I started to use this product about 8 years ago, when I lived in Paris – I could only buy it in Russia then. My French girlfriends were asking me, what is this product – and I answered that this is something very, very special that you can't buy in France, and they were even more eager to have it then. This is how I used to know Rouge Bunny Rouge brand where I just started in the position of Managing Director. I'm still using it!”
– Maria, Managing Director

“If I could choose only one single product out of our collection it would be the Luminous Skin Wand for sure. It is a real life saver for tired eyes and skin, quick and easy to use while achieving great results, a treatment for tired eyes, buildable over the day when you need to refresh it, multi-purpose.”
– Nadin, M­arketing & PR department

“We are all very busy in today’s way of life and don’t have the time to spend an hour in front of the mirror to look good. That ‘magic like’ result in terms of speed with a sophisticated finish is what we are going for. The following are my staple items; RBR Tinted Moisturiser and Highlighting Liquid. Usually mixed together for the appearance of glowing healthy skin.”
– Alexandra, Founder & Creative Director

“My absolute ‘can't live without’ product from Rouge Bunny Rouge is Original Skin Blush in ‘Delicata’. This is the perfect shade of natural looking blush for fair skin tones and is also a great product to use for subtle contouring and an ‘unmade-up’ makeup look.”
– Kacey, Sales & Marketing, North America

“It’s super difficult to pick just one product for my Rouge Bunny Rouge beauty arsenal as there are so many great staples! If I had to choose one single product, it would be Kiss Elixir Lip Balm as this has been my daily staple. I love how nourishing yet lightweight the Argan oil based formula feels on my lips not to mention the delicate and uplifting hint of vanilla. Kiss Elixir is my perfect travel companion, it goes where I go!”
– Jo Levy, Director of Artistry & Education, North America

“My absolute essential is the Brightening Liner Duo, I even carry an extra in my bag! It instantly opens up the eyes, making you look fresh and fully rested at all times. I love how the light pink side of the pencil looks so natural on the waterline while the shimmery white side adds dimension to the inner corners of the eye. Don't leave home without it.”
– Ana, Sales Team, North America­

Highlighting Liquid – love at first sight!
This multifunctional water-based fluid blends easily with moisturiser or with foundation. I love to apply it under foundation to achieve a natural glow. Cucumber extract with a touch of Peach feels great on the skin, and of course Vitamin E is there to fight the signs of aging. A perfect friend to cover the lack of sleep too!”
– Katerina, General Manager, Czech Republic

Liquid Foundation in ‘Chestnut Milk Parfait’. The ideal combination of natural luminous look & 'second skin' feeling. And the Blush Wand in ‘Rubens'. Magnificent creamy texture, ease of use, great colour & versatility (as you can also apply it onto your lips) definitely made me a fan of this product.”
Yana, International Sales & Trade Marketing, Russia

Tinted Moisturiser in ‘Adansonia’ and the Luminous Skin Wand in ‘Orionis’.”
Anya, Head Of Product Development & Procurement, Russia

Luminous Skin Wand in ‘Alula’ and KISS ELIXIR. You just apply it before you go to sleep & in the morning you have new lips.”
Maria, Key Account Manager, Russia

“My favourite product is the SEAS OF ILLUMINATION; mixed with my Tinted Moisturiser, it gives a really luminous look, amazingly versatile for highlighting, and really helps to even and brighten my skin.”
– Sue, National Sales Manager UK & Ireland