Five RBR Product “Easter Eggs” You Might Not Have Discovered Yet

Test yourself: do you know about all five of these tiny helpers that come with the packaging or hide within products?

5 Often Unknown Features & Details

Trio Pencil Sharpener

1. This little thing that looks like a very chic toothpick? It’s a cleaner – use it to free your sharpener from any stubborn, sticky pencil residue.
2. Remove this adaptor to sharpen chubby crayons; put it back to sharpen medium-size crayons.

“What’s that little puncture for?”

No, it’s not a manufacturing flaw – the tiny holes on the back of eyeshadow palettes, Duo Keepers and Trio Keepers with exchangeable eye shadows are there to help you. Gently push a hair needle to lift your eye shadow refill – and to remove it from the case with ease.

RBR_LittleHelpers_RetractableLipPencilRetractable Lip Brush 010
The sable hair brush is not only retractable, it has a solid metal cap which elongates the handle when open and protects the brush when closed.


Our unique high-performance plumping lip gloss SWELL BLISS is not just brimming with volume-increasing active ingredients (and is free from parabens and fragrance).
The gloss that comes in four most delectably beguiling, fresh jelly colours, hides a lovely secret: instead of an applicator, it comes with the delicate precision brush.


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