Coverage, radiance, and skincare Q&A: Luminous Skin Wand

A concealing wand to banish dark shadows and imperfections from your complexion? Yes, please.

Luminous Skin Wand FINE-SPUN LIGHT
Product Q&A

Luminous concealer pens are a beauty case staple with most of us. These perfectly convenient ‘magic wands’ create light where we are tired of shadows, let blemishes and discolouration disappear.

Discover now why the Luminous Skin Wand offers you even more.

1. How does it wear?
Moisturising but with great skin adherence, the Luminous Skin Wand is not just nearly invisible, it’s so lightweight you will forget you are wearing any make-up. Worn on its own or under foundation products, it blends beautifully and stays put for a long time.

Better product for the under the eyes area simply does not exist. This formula is so extremely lightweight that I can very easily forget I put something there, and at the same time is really opaque so even very dark circles fade completely away. Just like magic. This is my 12 hour beauty sleep in a pen.“

2. What can I use it for?
Our Luminous Skin Wand is made to cover and to highlight.
Use it to visually eradicate dark under eye circles but also blemishes, shadows or redness – the light-reflective pigments and the easily blendable, nearly intangibly light texture will make flaws invisible.

In terms of additional skin care benefits, the active ingredients in the Luminous Skin Wand formula will tighten the skin with every application and also visibly reduce any under-eye discolouration.

Offers a beautiful (but subtle) radiance and good coverage.
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APPLICATION TIP from Jo Levy to enhance the appearance of your classic red, hot pink and any other intensely pigmented lipstick:
Dab Luminous Skin Wand along the lip contour. This will neutralize your natural lip tone and create a clean canvas for shape definition and for a pop of pure colour. This trick will also enhance the adherence of your lipstick.”

3. What is the difference to any other illuminating under-eye concealer out there?
It can be quite tricky to create a product meeting all customer requirements: perfect but natural coverage, moisturising effect, extended wear, luminous finish (as opposed to powdery and cakey), skin adherence (again, to prevent the cakey look and dryness)…

The Luminous Skin Wand has a formula that offers all of the above, as well as amazing skincare benefits to improve the under-eye area over time; it’s also pleasantly lightweight and easily blendable.

I’ve used YSL, Clinique, l’Etoile, Garnier, L’Oréal but all of them lack the good coverage and the soft texture of Rouge Bunny Rouge.“
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Luminous Skin Wand FINE-SPUN LIGHT
Skincare Effects

Like many products from our Complexion Collection, Luminous Skin Wand FINE-SPUN LIGHT is enriched with powerful skincare ingredients to sustain your beauty.

For a lasting, long-term effect on dark under eye circles: HaloxylTM

We have chosen Haloxyl as one of the most effective ingredients known to reduce discolouration under the eyes and to enhance the firmness of skin. It can absorb and eliminate blood pigments, the main culprit behind dark circles.

To reduce puffiness and to tighten the skin: Fermiskin®

Fermiskin is a firming agent derived from Shiitake. Skin is firmer and more youthful due to Fermiskin’s impact on collagen synthesis.

Other active ingredients include skin-pampering Vitamins A, C, E and B5.

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