A Study In Marsala: How To Wear & Pair Pantone's Colour of The Year

While marvellously delicious, sultry, modern and confident, Marsala is not what you’d call a universally flattering colour. How to wear it to enhance your beauty? What colours and textures does it pair with?

Follow our make-up artists’ advice to look in vogue without compromising your individual beauty.


Here are seven stellar tips from our make-up artist team and our Director of Artistry & Education Jo Levy on how to look your sophisticated best with this new exciting colour.


What to pair with a Marsala lipstick?

To keep the look sophisticated and modern, and your eyes big and beautiful, go for a balanced neutral tone with interesting golden sheen.

Jo Levy: “A shimmering, light, beige or gold toned eyeshadow will beautifully balance a Marsala toned lipstick shade. I recommend Long-lasting Eye Shadow in ‘Unforgettable Oriole’, a delicate but bedazzling white gold.”

Or, if you want to tone down the sensuality of your Marsala lipstick without giving up the fashionable twist, look for complicated, mauve-infused neutrals with a matt finish like the Long-lasting Matt Eye Shadow in ‘Bashful Flamingo’ (a radiant, natural pink-lavender tone to visually open up and brighten your eyes, enhancing your eye colour) combined with ‘Sweet Dust Seriema’ to sculpt the crease.
1. Long-lasting Matt Eyeshadow ‘Bashful Flamingo’, ‘Sweet Dust Seriema’
2. Satin Eyeliner in ‘Dark Bay’
3. Colour Burst Lipstick in ‘Irreverence’
4. Dramatic Lash Mascara in ‘Oxblood Panache’
5. Highlighting Liquid in ‘Sea of Tranquility’
6. Eye Khol in ‘Lilith’

What to pair with a Marsala blush?

If you’re one of the lucky ones who can wear a Marsala-toned blush, add softness and elegance to the look by adding a rosy-nude hued, creamy lipstick.

Jo Levy: “I recommend Colour Burst Lipstick in ‘Irreverence’. It will perfectly accompany a Marsala hued blush.”

Add an interesting, magnetic depth to the look by wearing a Marsala-inspired mascara like our Dramatic Lash Mascara in ‘Oxblood Panache’.

What to pair with eye make-up in Marsala?

When you wear Marsala-tinged eye shadows, you are often advised to pair it with bronze shimmers. This is an intense look that’s definitely too heavy for some complexions. If cooler, lighter shades enhance your natural beauty better, choose a matt, softly blended grey eye pencil to create a subtle contour along the lash line (we recommend Eye Khol in ‘Lilith’).

If you can wear warmer colours but don’t want any bronze shimmer throughout the day or for your office look, Jo Levy has the perfectly elegant tip for you:

“An earthy, chocolate-toned liquid liner will seamlessly complete and define the look of a Marsala inspired eye shadow look. I recommend Satin Eyeliner in ‘Dark Bay’.

And when wearing a Marsala dress or a top

Add radiance to your appearance with the Highlighting Liquid in ‘Sea of Tranquility’.

Jo Levy: “It will help put the final finishing touches on any Marsala colored outfit. Simply mix one pump with your favorite body lotion, mix and apply over any exposed area such as the arms or legs. The subtle, all-over radiance on the body will bring out the liveliness of Pantone's color of the year.”

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