Pro Library: Long-lasting Matt Eye Shadow WHEN BIRDS ARE SINGING…

We adore matt textures. Today they’re nothing like their predecessors – perfectly silky and radiant and coming in pigment-rich, multidimensional colours, there is nothing powdery or old-fashioned about them.

In fact, sophisticated matt textures are the ideal tool to perfect many coveted looks by infusing them with a classy dose of understatement: the classic fifties and sixties cat eye, contouring, glossy and shimmer effects, metallic smoky eyes and so much more. Let’s discover how.

Long-lasting Matt Eye Shadow:
The Facts

Easy to apply and made to last: the texture of our Long-lasting Matt Eye Shadows is creamy and lightweight, with extended 8-hour wear and unprecedented adherence.

We have created the Long-lasting Matt Eye Shadow collection in five most versatile colours.

Refills from left to right:
1 ‘Papyrus Canary’
Palest creamy beige. Ideal highlighter shade.

2 ‘Bashful Flamingo’
A pale, semi-opaque powder pink.

TIP: This beige-infused colour applied to your lids brightens your eyes and lets your eye colour appear more intense – ideal if you want to look more awake, more rested but can’t wear brightening pencil on your waterline.

3 ‘Chestnut-napped Apalis’
Chestnut puree with a hint of cacao dust.
Can be used for brow definition (auburn and natural red hair).

4 ‘Sweet Dust Seriema’
Semi-opaque, cool, dusty mauve taupe.

TIP: A perfect basic colour for a variety of looks or for brow definition; ideal for sensual, sultry looks such as smoky eyes.

5 ‘Blackpepper Jay’
Smoky, semi-opaque black with a tinge of brown.
Ideal as brow powder for darker eyebrows.

Customer praise:
"They are the most finely-milled eye shadows I have
and are foolproof to apply and blend with brushes or fingers."

Our US-based Director Artistry & Education Jo Levy about the unique texture:

The luxurious and well-pigmented Long-lasting Matt Eye Shadows from Rouge Bunny Rouge are so soft that they mimic the texture of cream. Due to their perfectly smooth and matt texture, these shadows are a great option for anyone that prefers not to wear a shimmery textured eye shadow. These eye shadows are great for women of all ages but especially those that do not want to draw attention to deeper set lines around the eyes or those with crepe-y eyelids.”

Keep your matt treasures in the sleek black Trio Keepers:
1 Papyrus Canary. 2 Bashful Flamingo. 3 Chestnut-napped Apalis. 4 Sweet Dust Seriema. 5 Blackpepper Jay.

Playing The Application Game

1: Dry application – simply apply with your fingertips or one of our brushes.

2: Wet application – deepens the colours for an exceptional, custom eyeliner. Tool needed: Eye Liner Brushes.

3: Eyebrow definition – apply dry or wet to define eye brows with Rouge Bunny Rouge Brows 006 Brush.

4: Blending – matt colours are ideal for blending shimmery textured eye shadow.

5: Basic colour – to extend the wear of your eye make-up.

6: Highlighter – you can use ‘Papyrus Canary’ and ‘Bashful Flamingo’ to highlight and lift the eyes, instantly; also view Jo Levy’s pro advice below.

7: ADVANCED TIP: face contouring – depending on your natural skin tone, some matt eye shadow colours can be ideal to subtly contour your face: apply a minimal amount with your favourite contouring brush.

We also asked our US-based Director Artistry & Education Jo Levy to share her favourite colour combinations:

‘Papyrus Canary’, ‘Chestnut-napped Apalis’ and ‘Blackpepper Jay’ for nude, earthy toned lids.
‘Bashful Flamingo’ and ‘Sweet Dust Seriema’, for flirty, bright lids.
‘Papyrus Canary’ and ‘Chestnut-napped Apalis’ for those that prefer basic and staple, everyday shades or those that are new to eye shadow application.”

Jo Levy’s Application Tips
Base & Highlights 

The lightest shades in the collection: ‘Papyrus Canary’ and ‘Bashful Flamingo’ serve as great base colour for the lids.
Both shades can be applied over the entire lid, from the lash line, all the way to the brow bone for instantly bright, wide-awake and natural looking eyes using Rouge Bunny Rouge Large Shader 003 Brush, blending from the lash, upward towards the brow bone.

Or simply tap and blend either shade just right below the arch of the brow to instantly lift the eyes. Follow by dabbing either shade onto the inner corners of the eyes and blend in towards the center of the lids.


Beauty In Contrast:
Glossy, Metallic, and Sparkling Textures

Matt eye shadows will let your shiny and wet-look effects stand out in perfection.
From left to right:
Loose Glitter Pigment FIRE DROPS
Quartz Eyeliner DEVOTION INK

Discover beauty bloggers’ tutorials featuring the most stunning combinations of matt and shimmery, matt and metallic textures.


Jo Levy’s Application Tips:
Delicate Definition

The two mid-tone shades of Long-lasting Matt Eye Shadow: ‘Sweet Dust Seriema’ and ‘Chestnut-napped Apalis’ are the perfect mid-toned shades that will give the lids subtle definition and contour.

Apply either shade using Rouge Bunny Rouge Eye Shadow Large Shader Brush 003 to the crease (middle section of the lid) and sweep back and forth in a windshield wiper motion.
For a slightly more dramatic look, sweep just past the edge of the eyes.
Follow by adding subtle definition with either shade by smudging along the lower lash line using Rouge Bunny Rouge Mini Shader Brush 005.


Partners In Crime:
More Matt Textures

If you aim at creating the softest, subtlest natural looks or look for that unique sultry, intense, dramatic smoky effect, pair your Long-lasting Matt Eye Shadows with our other matt textures – their rich, satiny effect will never let you appear too “powdery” as it will always create an impeccably luminous, flawless finish:
From left to right:
Brand-new 2015 colours of our Eye Pencil FELINE GAZE are these delicious, ultra-smooth and waterproof matts: ‘Eve’ and ‘Lilith’
Impalpable Finishing Powder DIAPHANOUS
Satin Eyeliner NOCTURNAL INK

For more details on these products please discover:
Perilously Pale ‘Eve’ and ‘Lilith’ review and swatches
Impalpable Finishing Powder Pro Library
Satin Eyeliner NOCTURNAL INK ‘Blue Roan’ review on Makeup And Beauty Blog


Jo Levy’s Application Tips:
Soft Charcoal

The deepest shade is 'Blackpepper Jay’ – its charcoal, deep grey to soft black reminds me of the colour of smoke from a fire, it’s so sultry on the lids and can be used to create more dramatic looking eyes.

Apply from the lash line and blend up towards the crease (fold of the eyes), blending as you go using Rouge Bunny Rouge Large Shader 003 Brush. For added intensity, smudge this shade along the lower lash line from inner corner to outer edge using Rouge Bunny Rouge Mini Shader Brush 005.

This shade can also be applied directly over pencil or liquid eyeliner to set and to create a softer, perfected finish.

Also it can be applied just directly over the edge of your eyeliner to smooth out any skips or bumps without having to re-draw your line. I recommend using Rouge Bunny Rouge Mini Shader Brush 005 for either technique.

When applying ‘Blackpepper Jay’ or any other dark eye shadow, be sure to slightly tap off any excess of shadow from your brush so that there is no falling of eye shadow along the under eye area. I also recommend applying a layer of DIAPHANOUS Finishing Powder along the lower half of the eyes before creating smoky eyes. Any ‘drop-down’ of shadow can then be swept up easily when your look is complete.


We hope that you’ve enjoyed this Pro Library post.

Since the colours and textures call for the most versatile use, we’d love You to share your favourite colours, colour combinations and application tips with us in the comments below – and why not leave a detailed review in our Web Boutique?

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