Beauty Experts’ RBR Favourites: Winter 2014/15


We are not just loving the fact that international beauty experts choose RBR, we are also very happy to learn why they do. Discover with us this winter’s tips, tricks, and reviews.

Opening picture courtesy Rouge Bunny Rouge Poland, photographer: Anna Hekmat



1. The creative masterminds at our HQ are tickled pink at the amazing and endearing “10 Things I Love About Rouge Bunny Rouge” post by Karen, Makeup and Beauty Blog.

2. In her thorough and poetic review of our 2014 novelty, ALLEGRIA, the German blogger Sarah, Color Me Loud, choses Khalil Gibran’s words “your joy is your sorrow unmasked” to describe the feelings that the fragrance evokes.

3. Our Dramatic Lash Mascara MEGAPLUMES in ‘Oxblood Panache’ made a dramatic appearance in Beauty High’s fabulous selection of coloured mascaras.

4. A star is born: our Highlighting Liquid SEAS OF ILLUMINATION has received the 2014 Award by the Allura Beauty blog. Watch here, or read the full review here.

5. Helping readers overcome a winter party ‘skin hangover’, the NY Post dubs our Brightening Liner Duo a “beauty miracle!”


Offline and on paper

One of the season’s highlights was certainly the NAFA Gala in Warsaw, with runway make-up created by the Rouge Bunny Rouge Poland team.

Photography: Kurnikowski/AKPA

We loved to see the make-up artist’s creations inspired by RBR textures as well as editor’s picks of the international magazines in Europe and the US.

From left to right: ELLE Bulgaria, ELLE Russia, Fashion Magazine (Poland), Dr Oz The Good Life (USA). For full RBR press coverage, please view our Press section.