When Birds Are Singing… Eye Shadow Q&A

Our eye shadows are a favourite with customers and beauty insiders for many good reasons: astonishingly lightweight, they have a creamy touch and glide on like a feather; their unprecedented adherence rivals only with the pure, dynamic iridescence of the wearable colours.RBR-EyeShadows-ProfessionalResultsRBR eye shadows are easy to play with by design – learn a few additional clever tricks and tweaks in this Q&A.

Question: How many colours of the Long-lasting Eye Shadows are available right now?

There are 23 colours of our Long-lasting Eye Shadows; 4 shades of our beloved Long-lasting Matt Eye Shadows; 4 exclusive colours available only in the Long-lasting Eye Shadow Duo plus 5 brand new metallic colours in the limited Eye Shadow Palette.

A customer on Long-lasting Eye Shadow colours & quality:
„There is no eyeshadow as unique as these. Beautiful colours. Great longevity and quality. I love them so much.“ – From a customer reviewRougeBunnyRouge-EyeShadow-Range-2014

Question: How do I use and apply matt – or matte – eye shadow?

Matt eye shadows in general tend to give you a more subtle, sophisticated look.
You can use them on their own or deploy them like a pro. For example, to emphasize the bold, glossy effect of our Lacquer Eyeliner RAVEN GLAZE or the shimmery, sparkling finish of the five jewel hues of our Quarz Eyeliners DEVOTION INK for a very professional looking make-up.

Another tweak: when going for a dramatic effect accentuating your crease but not willing to choose a very dark colour, pick a matt colour of middle intensity to accentuate your sockets – matt colours are perceived as farther away than shimmery hues. RBR-Longlasting-Matt-EyeshadowTo create a very modern, edgy smoky eye with just a hint of grunge – still keeping it elegant – use the Long-lasting Eye Shadow in ‘Blackpepper Jay’ or ‘Grey Go-Away Lurie’. The colours are semi-opaque, so the overall finish of transparency will cater for a very unusual signature look.

A customer on Long-lasting Matt Eye Shadow formula:
“The formula in these eyeshadows is the best when we are talking matte eyeshadows. Nothing else combines softness, great pigmentation and blend-ability in one like these eyeshadows.“ – From a customer review

Question: Why are there just two duo combinations available?

Duo palettes are the best way to save time when in doubt what colours match the best. There is such a rich variety of hues, undertones and finishes available today, and sometimes the mismatch is visible only after you’ve applied it.

We have created the two colour combinations – ‘C Major – A Minor’ and ‘A Major – Fis Minor’ – with two situations in mind.RBR-Longlasting-Eyeshadow-Duo

‘A Major – Fis Minor’ is designed for a basic, very classic look and can be used by somebody who’s just starting out with make-up. The colours, a pale and silky gold and a elegant, mauve-infused brown, match beautifully and cater for many different looks.

‘C Major – A Minor’ is designed to wow; they are an addition to your beauty case that instantly elevates your everyday look – like a gorgeous silk scarf does to our wardrobe.

The colours, a lavender-infused pink and a cool mint hue with a touch of gold, instantly emphasize the colour of your eyes, create a surprising wash of colour, and add a touch of whimsy.

A customer on Long-lasting Eye Shadow Duo combinations:
“You can use them by themselves or together, they blend perfectly but it's the result that is amazing, very natural but still sophisticated.” – From a customer reviewRBR-eye-shadows-atmospheric

Question: What brushes are the best for blending eye shadow?

For blending, use our Blender Brush 016 (suitable for vegans) or the Large Shader Brush 003.

For applying colour to the crease and blending like a professional make-up artist, use the soft RBR Crease Brush 011.

To apply eye shadow exactly to the inner corners of your eyes or to the lash lines, use fine RBR Eye Liner Brush 008 (vegan) or, if your prefer pointy shapes, the luxurious, retractable natural sable hair Lips Brush 010 that serves a multitude of uses.

Learn how to invest in the right set of brushes and how to take care of your treasures to make them last, from Jo Levy, our US Director of Artistry & Education in the post Pro Library: Make-Up Brushes.Eyeshadow-application-tips-and-tricks_RBR RBR-eyeliner-brush

Last but not least, a final tip: in this blog’s Tutorial Section you’ll find a wonderful variety of eye make-up ideas submitted by international beauty bloggers.


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  • Kathy scott

    I truly love your eyeshadow and eyeliner. I would be very interested in trying your beautiful liquid foundation. Since there is no store local in my area I would like to know how I might obtain a sample of your foundation. I ordered your shadows and liners online but feel the need to "try on" the foundation. I would really appreciate and look forward to your reply. Thank you.

  • Rouge Bunny Rouge
    Rouge Bunny Rouge Oktober 4, 2014 um 11:46 am

    Many thanks for your interest in our foundation, Kathy. Our customer service will get in touch with you shortly about the samples. We are happy to help you find the perfect shade for your skin tone.