Equinox Beauty

As the new season unfolds, choose your favourite colours to say goodbye to summer and to embrace autumn with its weather, its social life and its festivities.

Embrace Your Natural Beauty

We at Rouge Bunny Rouge believe in offering you products in elegant colours and whimsical textures that are simple to use and amazing in result. Products that you can amuse yourself with by creating your own signature look.

Or, as our founder Alexandra de Montfort most recently put it in her interview on ÇaFleureBon:
We want to give women artisanal, impeccably made products they can put their trust in; knowing their needs without dictating. Our economy in colour and streamlined product choice, simplicity of form, emphasis on quality and textures differentiates us. Rouge Bunny Rouge beauty collection refuses to follow trends for the sake of getting attention or  jumping on a new fad. I don’t want to make products that are connected to an infantile need to be entertained or an adolescent’s desire to be fashionably correct.”
– Alexandra de Montfort, Rouge Bunny Rouge Founder & Creative Director.

Timeless vs. Seasonal

While we don’t really believe in seasonal limitations, preferring timeless elegance with just a touch of provocativeness, some colours and textures are ideal for when the days get colder and we spend less time outdoors.

We asked our team what their autumnal favourites are, and here’s the goodness that they came up with:AUTUMN-RougeBunnyRouge_23Sep14

Our team’s favourite autumnal picks, left to right:

1. Long-lasting Matt Eyeshadow in ‘Chestnut Napped Apalis’
2. Colour Burst Lipstick in ‘The Plot Thickens’
3. XXX Lip Plump in ‘Heather Royal Jelly’
4. Highlighting Liquid in ‘Sea of Showers’
5. Limited Eye Shadow Palette RAW GARDEN in ‘Chronos’
6. Dramatic Lash Mascara MEGAPLUMES in ‘Oxblood Panache’
7. Glassy Gloss in ‘Mousse Fandango’
8. Loose Glitter Pigment in ‘Caress of Mink’
9. Shimmering Luxe Balm
10. Original Skin Blush in ‘Habanera’

What are Your autumnal must-haves?
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