As If It Were Summer Still… Pro Library: Bronzers

The new generation of bronzing products is unlike their feared older versions: neither too orange, nor too glittery, they are transparent and light as a feather, with a subtle touch of shimmer to give you just the right amount of the desired dewy, healthy glow.
Discover all product details about RBR bronzers along with make-up artist advice and application tips.

Bronzing Glow Powder: The Facts

Our Bronzing Glow Powder AS IF IT WERE SUMMER STILL… ‘at Goldcombe Bay’ has a shimmery finish for a very subtle golden glow effect – it’s delicate for daytime use, but also particularly beautiful for summer night party make-ups.

With its sheer, transparent finish the Bronzing Glow Powder is universally flattering for all complexions and warmer or colder skin undertones.

Bronzing Glow Liquid: The Facts

Designed for use on face and body, this long-lasting and versatile product comes in one perfect shade and is called “enchantment in a bottle” for good reasons.

First, its easy-to-blend liquid formula that we've updated in 2016 with more skin-loving ingredients keeps your skin soft with moisturising Hyaluronic Acid and Triglycerides, skin nurturing Grape Seed Oil and Jojoba Oil, anti-oxidant Vitamin E and soothing Lime-tree Blossom Extract.

Second, the delicate yet intense tint and the shimmery, transparent finish are formulated with such care and precision that they will look stunning yet most natural on every complexion: no orange cast, no patchy spots, only sun-kissed perfection.

Third, our Bronzing Glow Liquid is easy to blend and mixes very well with both foundations and body moisturisers. Once dry, it won’t transfer.

And ultimately, this precious bronzing product will last you for quite a while  you only need a few drops to achieve great results.

RBR Bronzers: Application Tips

Our US-based Director of Artistry & Education Jo Levy’s advice for the most natural sun-kissed finish with both Bronzing Glow Liquid and Bronzing Glow Powder:

“Apply bronzer along the forehead, focusing along the hairline and blending downward. Also, blending bronzer along the edges of the cheek bones and temples creates a soft looking contour. The most natural look is created by concentrating on few areas on the face to highlight with bronzer.”

To add to this simple routine a very quick, fresh eye make-up, dust a little of your Bronzing Glow Powder with the Powder Brush 001 over your entire eyelids, add a touch of your favourite highlighter either to the corners of your eyes or to the centre of the moving lids, and finish with a generous amount of your favourite black mascara.

If you prefer a subtle, all-over bronze glow, Jo suggests to mix a few drops of Bronzing Glow Liquid into your tinted moisturizer or foundation.

To add some seductive summery freshness to your body, Jo recommends:
“Mix Bronzing Glow Liquid with your favourite body moisturizer and then apply along the neck, chest, arms and legs."

For a fresh and modern look, pair bronzed skin with bright lids and ‘nude’ lids – or match your shimmery eye shadow to a sheer, glossy lip gloss.

You can also create some soft contouring with our bronzers:
“Buff bronzer just underneath the apples of the cheeks in an outward motion to create definition and allow the cheek bones to appear more uplifted.”

So, as you can see from the Rouge Bunny Rouge products, a good bronzer:
1. Gives your skin a fresh sheen or a light shimmer
2. Tone flatters your skin transparently
3. Is easy to apply and to blend seamlessly

While a bad bronzer:
1. Is either too glittery or too matt
2. The tone is unpleasantly reddish or orangey
3. Looks blotchy and sticks to the skin

Is it about time you treat yourself to a new bronzer?

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Let's hear YOUR bronzer stories now...

71 Gedanken zu „As If It Were Summer Still… Pro Library: Bronzers“

  • Haleh

    My best bronzing tip is to make sure that your skin is always well moisturized in order to get the best, most natural bronzing effect on your skin, especially when using powder or very shimmery bronzers. Bronzers can enhance flakiness and dry patches, so I always make sure to moisturize in order to get the most glowing, beautiful bronzed look.

  • tianna

    I would say the best advice is to use a really light hand. Sometimes, a bronzer can look awesome, but if you use a really heavy hand, you can make the effects overwhelming and unflattering. Also, if you're pale like me, they can make you look oddly tan and/or older.

  • Naomi

    My best bronzer tip is, if you are very pale, apply a pale peach-y/nude-y blush to the high points of the face, avoiding any orange tones. It will mimic the natural colour of your skin when it catches some sun.

  • Elke

    My biggest bronzer mistake, was a wrong bronzer, to dark, I looked like an old was horrable.....the Problem was, as I saw it, it was to late....

  • Erika

    Sometimes, when I am very bussy and I have have no time between the next Meeting, I take my finger and tip the shimmering bronzer on my eyes!!!! So I look everytime fresh.....

  • Lisa

    Use a bronzer that is not too shimmery. You do not want to appear like Edward, don't you?
    Choose a colour that flatters your skintone, avoid orangey tones, they look mostly unnatural.
    Use the bronzer carefully, don't overdo it. Less is more.
    You can always intensify afterwards.

  • Antje

    Mein Tipp: etwas Bronzer auf die Schlüsselbein-Knochen- sieht wie frisch aus dem Urlaub aus. Leider ist es oft schwierig einen tollen Bronzer zu finden, der nicht zu dunkel ist.

  • Maya

    my best advice would be not to use a too redish shade, so that it wont look too unnatural. and a tone not too cold always seems more flattering. :-)

  • gemma mcfarlane

    My best bronzing tip is to also use bronzer to define and contour the eyes as well as the face for a great no-makeup make up look.

  • Tina

    My best bronzing tips would be to use two different brushes: one for all over warmth, and another for contouring! Also, customize your contouring to the shape of your face, one method does not fit all (ladies with oblong faces, contouring using downward straight lines will only make your faces look longer)!

  • Verena

    My tip for a lovely sunkissed face is to apply some bronzer with a brush right under your cheekbones, your forehead and chin and apply a little on the nose. But please be careful with the amount you apply, you don´t want it to look unnatural either.

  • Serena

    My best tip is to be very careful not to choose a too orang-y shade along with using an apt brush in order to give the best shape to your face and contouring your cheeckbones as well.

  • laura avery

    My best tip for self tan is make sure you pick up the correct strength..or if like me you may end up resembling an orange :(

  • Sidrah

    My biggest bronzer mistake was applying too much product. The best tip is to apply little and then build up the color instead of applying too much all at once!

    CAROLINE PRITCHARD September 1, 2014 um 8:06 pm

    I can be terrible for putting it in in the wrong light, therefore I end up putting too much on in a hurry and look Tangoed ha ha

  • Jessica

    The absolute best tips to create a natural bronzed look is to do not use the bronzer to contour but use it to warm up the complexion by applying it where the sun first touches the skin.
    A good thing to do is to use a very soft brush to avoid using too much product.

  • mandy

    My bronzing advice is less is more just touch areas with bronzer looks stunning and light on your pocket too :)

  • Sarahann Tonner

    Using too much and not using the right shade! Turned out like an Oompa Loompa!

  • Lili

    My biggest bronzer mistake was using bronzer that was too dark for my rather light skin. It looked very unnatural. And the bronzer had an orangey touch to it, which made it look even worse.

  • Diane K.

    My biggest bronzing mistake s not knowing how to put in on, using the wrong color on my very fair skin and giving a speech in front of over 250 people with a bright orange face and snow white neck. I was so nervous I started sweating and the bronzer starting dripping down my face causing streaks and ending up on my white shirt. People was hysterical laughing and I thought I was doing so well. That is until I finished, went into the bathroom and saw what I looked like. Not a pretty picture. To this day, I have avoided bronzers. But after seeing how beautiful your bronzer prizes are, I had to enter and give bronzer a chance again. Your products remind me how beautiful one can look with the right products, colors and knowledge contouring. Thank you for doing this giveaway and good luck to all. Shared on my facebook, username is kleimanlaw and twitter page, @DianeLori.

    Diane K.
    kleimanlaw at aol dot com

  • Sarah Cank

    my bronzer mistake was not going all the way to the end of my cheekbone, making me look like a patchy oompa loompa! never rush!

  • Joanna Smith

    All through school I tried to be like the cool girls. Unfortunately this meant I spent 7 years with a face like an orange and a neck like a milk bottle

  • Caroline H

    If you're wearing a low cut or scoop neck top don't forget to dust a little bronzer over your collar bone and chest, as well as your face, to avoid an odd looking skintone contrast.

  • Christine Grimsby
    Christine Grimsby September 2, 2014 um 12:35 am

    I use a bit of the Netherway Cove under blusher! It's lovely.

  • Amira

    I was getting ready for a party were I was gonna were a dress, I looked down at my legs and realized that they were way to pale so I took my bronzer and hastily applied to my legs. Later on at the party a guy came up to me and asked me why my legs were so orange. #FML #Neveragain

  • Amanda Campbell

    My best tip is that if you are pale like me and feel you have overdone the bronzer, simply blend out with a little translucent powder. Another tip is to use a matte and a shimmer bronzer in order to avoid a flat look to the face - use the shimmer on top of the cheekbones and if you don't suffer from oily t zone shine, in the centre of the forehead and down the nose.

  • Karla Prado

    I tend to put on very little bronzed for fear of overdoing it all the time. This collection looks gorgeous. Would love to win it to try it out. I love a little shimmery glow.

  • pm liu

    put a little on and if you need more then add a bit more on, don't overdo it by putting too much on all at once and always blend

  • Sonia

    My best tip would be not to apply it only on your face. You're trying to mimic the sun's effect, so you should extend it a bit to the neck and collar bone.

  • Rhoda K

    My biggest bronzer mistake was wearing one that was too orange and far too dark for my pale skin. It was not an attractive look. *blushes*

  • Gemma Dolan

    My biggest mistake was putting my bronzer on, at night in the back of a car with no lights on. I was on my way to a wedding reception. Thinking I hadn't much on and was looking good, I sauntered in to say my congratulations to the happy couple. After a few funny looks I managed to get to the loo. I bet you can imagine what I looked like. I've never applied make up in the car since!

  • Catalina

    The best tip I've gotten to obtain a natural bronzed effect is to really pay attention to which parts of our face the sun hits first. In general that would be at the top of your forehead, bridge of nose, top of cheekbones and chin. I also prefer to not use a bronzer to contour as it really is more about warmth than it is about "shadow" and can end up looking to obvious (for contouring I pick a slightly grey-ened shade without any shimmer to mimic shadows below the cheekbones. ) Thank you RBR for this awesome giveaway! <3

  • Mia Johnson

    Some tips for bronzer: try to pick a color that's not too orangy or red. Find a shade two shades darker than your foundation.

    If you're in a hurry, use your bronzer on the crease of your eyelid as your contouring shadow. :)
    Remember to always BLEND!

  • Marion Pinger

    Oh je, ich habe sehr helle Haut, wollte aber auch gerne gebräunt wirken und da es mit der Sonne nicht so klappt, hatte ich mir einen Bronzer Sun glow bestellt, ohne ihn zu testen. Nach dem Auftragen sah ich aus wie "Naddel", total unnatürlich und viel, viel zu braun.

  • clare d

    my biggest mistake was going out with out a mirror id used the shinest of bronzers and my face was lit up like a amber traffic light all glittery and shiney!! onlu notied in the loo when i saw a mirror! now sheer well clear from shiney shiney bronzers!! not a good look! x

  • SorayaLovesLife

    Wichtig ist, dass man lieber erstmal nur einen Hauch Bronzer nimmt und es gut verblendet und falls es DANN noch zu hell ist, ein wenig mehr aufnimmt. Lieber den gewünschten Effekt nach und nach aufbauen, als direkt zu viel zu nehmen und es war dann zu viel des Guten.

  • Heather Nixon

    My bronzer tips for super pale skin tones: make sure the bronzer isn't too dark or muddy and when applying bronzer place it in the hollows of the cheeks and on the
    tops of the cheek bones to not only give a bronzed look but it will also sculpt and shape the face - only do this with a matte bronzer!

  • JuliaKnight

    My tip would be to go slow and very careful with bronzer. Make always sure you find the right colour (noboday wants so look like a acrrot). When applying - built up the intensity, take a little or a little more time - this will look much more naturally then a fast application which is not well blended.

  • silviabia

    To choose the best bronzer for you hold the bronzer up to your face and look to a mirror. You should only go 2 shades darker than your skin tone because you don't want a bronzer that it is too dark or too strong. The idea of the bronzer is not to bring attention to it but to create an illusion!

  • Fabiola

    My Advice for a sun kissed glow is to apply a subtle bronzer as contour on the temples and hollows of the cheeks, then blend it so that there are no harsh lines, also a bit of highlighter would make you glow.

  • nicci cowdell-murray
    nicci cowdell-murray September 6, 2014 um 11:03 pm

    never re-apply bronzer while drunk !!!!! umpa lumpa comes to mind!

  • IZZY

    getting carried away and looking too dark

  • Alessandra

    My biggest bronzer mistake? That's an easy one!
    When I was 16 I used to borrow my friend's bronzer (who encouraged me not to "look that pale!") and apply it all over the face with a hand that calling "heavy" is an understatement. On special occasions I used even more bronzer and went out with my face 4-5 shades darker than my white neck and hands.
    From Snowhite to Pocahontas in a minute. Not in a good way, I'm afraid.
    (I swear my makeup skills have improved since then)

  • Radmila

    Hi, waht a lovely set! I am not a bronzer girl (yet?...), i am pale and i am afraid to aply the bornzer for the reasons you mentioned. Nevertheless, if i will dare once, my tip would be - polish, polish, polish until well blended!

  • Pakize

    My best bronzer tip would be to make sure to always take care of your skin by drinking enough water, using the right products suited to your skin type. Healthy skin is the base for every makeup product.

  • Amanda!

    I used to use bronzer to contour but that's not correct as bronzer lacks the ashy grey tones needed to mimic shadows. I now wear bronzer on the high points of my face where the sun would hit. I roughly use the E3 method of applying.

  • Sandra

    My first steps, using bronzer: I chose a too dark colour. It was too shimmery and as well I did nit blend it enough. The outcome was quite ugly. If you use the right products, matching your skin, it'll be perfect and sunkissed. I love bronzer!

  • Claudia

    Hier gilt, was man fast überall anwenden kann - nicht zu viel - denn Makeup soll das natürliche Aussehen, die Vorzüge unterstreichen, nicht über decken!

  • Anne

    Mein Tipp: Ab in die Sonne ;)

  • sophie

    I never use bronzer all over. Instead I just use it as a blush, to add some color to my face when I am feeling pale.

  • Elke

    mein Tipp ist,Bronzer mit Tagescreme zu mischen,dann wird es gleichmäßiger.

  • angeela

    Mein Tipp: Nicht zuviel Bronzener verwenden, ansonsten siehts zu künstlich aus. Etwas auf die Wangenknochen verteilen... perfekt

  • Lea

    Bronzer im Sommerurlaub - Einmal (viel zu dunkles) braunes Glitzerpuder all over über den krebsroten Sonnenbrand verteilen, dazu pinker Lipgloss und fertig ist der Horrorlook. Seht es mir nach... ich war 14 und verliebt in einen französischen Surfer

  • H. Phuong Anh N.
    H. Phuong Anh N. September 9, 2014 um 8:26 pm

    I use a powder brush to apply my bronzer on my cheeks. If there is too much bronzer i try to blend it in my skin to make it look soft and natural.

  • Bethany L.

    Just use a bronzer to let the places of your face glow where natural sunlight hits your face for a golden sunkissed look.

  • Cindy Wolter

    I dont even know a tip because I didnt found a good bronzer yet :(

  • peggy

    My bigest bronzer mistake was i put the wrong bronzer to my face and after that i looked horrible

  • Selina

    My biggest rouge mistake was to choose a glitter rouge... Later at the evening my whole face was full with glitter and it was so hard to get rid of it! Anyway it looked kind of crazy with all the glitter in my face!

  • Kamann Magdalene

    Hallo ja ich schmincke mich auch.Aber Make up ist nicht so meins.Ich bevorzuge lieber Puder.

  • Tanja

    My bigest bronzer mistake was to apply it for the first time without an indroduction... Anyway the bronzer was to "orange" for my skin

  • Olivia H

    My no.1 bronzing tip is to suit your brush to your intended affect - slim narrow brushes contour and define your face, fluffy large brushes are perfect for buffing bronzer all over for a general bronzed glow, and tiny brushes are so good for bronzing up your eyelids. Just match your brush to what you want to achieve for the best results! X

  • Sam B

    Trying to contour a fake cleavage with bronzer. Ended up with what looked like a skid mark in the middle of my pale chest. Massive Fail.

  • Solange

    My biggest bronzer mistake was to put too much on when going on a first date. He asked me where had I been on holiday?

  • barbara shaw

    My bronzing tip is to also use bronzer to define and contour the eyes as well as the face for a that no-makeup look

  • Jade Taylor

    I think I must have had something else on my bronzer brush once, because I got to a club and when the UV light went on I had white flecks all over my cheeks.... Que runningto the bathroom, washing m cheeks and using strangers make up.

  • Nadine Klöckling
    Nadine Klöckling September 14, 2014 um 10:48 pm

    Mein Tipp: weniger ist mehr ;-) und nur nicht zu dunkel ;-)
    Etwas auf den Wangen und auf der Nase, macht einen tollen Look <3
    Gerne mitgemacht ich würde mich riesig freuen wenn es klappt :-)

  • Kristy Brown

    My biggest mistake - thinking I could create a decent shadow to create a cleavage - fantastic if you can achieve it - crap if it rains and you have a white vest top on!!

  • Jacqueline Fawcett
    Jacqueline Fawcett September 15, 2014 um 7:56 am

    My biggest bronzer mistake was using a bronzer that was too dark for my skin. I am naturally pale so when I applied the wrong bronzer I looked like I'd been tangoed. My mistake also makes way for my bronzing tip. If you're not sure what bronzer is best for you, go to a chemist or a make-up based store and ask them to help you find the right shade for you. If you're also unsure on how to apply it, they will give you a great demonstration.

  • Jo C

    My tip is not to use it all over in the hope of looking like you have a tan! 'Oompa Loompa' is not a shade, it's a mistake!

    Dust lightly on the temples (round top of forehead, not all over it), slightly on nose and use as blusher for a nice tanned glow.

  • Caroline James

    My mistake was getting a bronzer that was too dark and il ooked like I'd been tangoed!

  • Rouge Bunny Rouge
    Rouge Bunny Rouge September 19, 2014 um 9:58 am

    We are happy to announce the lucky winners of our bronzer competition draw, congratulations to Lili and Barbara Shaw! Many thanks to all participants for leaving your great tips and good luck next time.