Pro Library: SUCCULENCE OF DEW Sheer Lipstick

Glossy and sheer, hydrating and re-sculpting: the vibrant shades of our SUCCULENCE OF DEW Sheer Lipsticks combine the colour pay-off and the wet-look finish of an intensely pigmented lip gloss and the anti-aging, smoothing properties of a luxurious lip skin care.
Let’s have a closer look.

Sheer Lipstick SUCCULENCE OF DEW: The Facts

Image used with permission.

We have created the Sheer Lipstick collection as a combination of ultra-rich lip care and a buildable lip tint – in a palette of five luminous, juicy colours.

Enriched with Rosehip Butter to repair and to nourish your lips, and Hilurlip™, an innovative, Sodium Hyaluronate based agent, to redefine and moisturise lips while minimising fine vertical lines.

This glossy, easy-glide lipstick is your partner in crime for a vast variety of fabulous looks. The wet-look finish of our Sheer Lipstick is free from shimmers.


Customer praise:
"This is a beautiful, soft formula that really does leave my lips feeling nicer after I've worn it. Although the shades might be sheer, they do give plenty of colour, but it melds nicely with the underlying colour of your lips. The wear time, as with many sheer or semi-sheer formulas, is shorter than a heavier lipstick, but the colour fades evenly, so it looks elegant all the way. I did find that these made my lips look fuller and fresher whenever I've worn them."

Sheer Lipstick SUCCULENCE OF DEW: The Colours

From left to right:

‘Relish of Heaven’
Wet effect, medium transparency, juicy scarlet.

‘Perfume of his Gaze’
Wet effect, medium transparency, cool toned rose taupe.
A tender, shiny colour.

Wet effect, medium transparency, naturally neutral pinky rose.

‘Jasmine-weighted Air’
Wet effect, medium transparency, true purplish red fuchsia.

Wet effect, medium transparency, cool damson: like having just eaten a bowl of cherries. This really is the most accurate description that can be.

‘Murmurings’ will add a stunning “what lipstick?” effect to your pout, or you can build it up for a dramatic, glossy, rich berry shade.

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