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Mascara really is a staple. While all Rouge Bunny Rouge mascaras are designed to be smudge-free, water-resistant, long-lasting and gentle, there are also quite a few differences in formulations and brush design that help find your perfect mascara solution for your individual look.RBR-Choosing-Mascara

Generally speaking, bigger, thicker brushes are designed to achieve really dramatic, great results, that particular oomph and really big, big volume, whereas smaller, thinner brushes are perfect for definition and precise lengthening.

Finding the right mascara for your lashes is actually way easier than it’s often suggested.

Mascara Tips and Tricks for different lash lengths

Naturally long and full lashes:
you’ll want a more subtle definition, and a glossy, modern formula like our Magnitude Mascara UBIQUITOUS. You can also opt for an unexpected colour effect – easy to achieve with our deep burgundy-red Dramatic Lash Mascara MEGAPLUMES.DramaticLashMascara Oxblood_Combi

If your lashes are rather long and straight, the Modelling Mascara WITCHERY curls and defines perfectly without getting clumpy or streaky.

Naturally long and fine lashes:
a thick brush and a lightweight mascara will look gorgeous on you – try our Big Lash Mascara AMPLITUDE.RBR-BigLashMascara-Amplitude-MUA-tip

You could also experiment with a lengthening volume mascara but go for a more natural brown colour, like the Modelling Mascara WITCHERY in ‘Golden Darkness’, a warm, rich brown.

Naturally short and full lashes:
you’ll want to look for a mascara formulated to curl; this is to visually open up your eyes and put an extra highlight on their natural beauty. A lengthening, curling formula and a deep, intense black will be perfect – try our Modelling Mascara WITCHERY in ‘Midnight’.

RBR-Mascara-rangeNaturally short and thin lashes:
buildable volume, a curling effect and a mascara formulated to be layered several times without getting clumpy are essential for a polished look.

Our Swift Length Mascara ENDLESS MIRACLES in ‘Onyx’ and ‘Untamed Sable’ is highly pigmented and with its two-lengths brush you’ll be able to reach to the shortest lashes even in the corners of your eyes.

You can also add some amazing intensity by thickening the lash line with just a little bit of dark brown eye pencil (no harsh lines, really like painting dots in between the lashes) and blending well before applying mascara. You’ll love the difference. Products to try: Eye Khol FELINE GAZE in ‘Lola’ or the Long-lasting Eye Pencil FELINE GAZE in ‘Lola’.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Mascara at a glance

RBR-BigLashMascara-Amplitude (Click on the image to see Big Lash Mascara AMPLITUDE in the Web Boutique)

Big Lash Mascara AMPLITUDE
With its classic, middle-size bristle brush and the advanced formula that thickens and lifts the lashes, it helps create really full lashes and add fantastic volume.
Available in ‘Golden Charcoal’, a warm, dark chocolate brown, and 'Pure Obsidian', pure black.

RBR-SwiftLengthMascara-application (Click on the image to see the Swift Length Mascara ENDLESS MIRACLES in the Web Boutique)

Swift Length Mascara ENDLESS MIRACLES
The two-lengths brush helps intensely lengthen and thoroughly separate the lashes, no clumping, flaking or smudging.
Available in ‘Onyx’ (deep black) and ‘Untamed Sable’ (deep, neutral brown).

RBR-ModellingMascara-Witchery (Click on the image to see the Modelling Mascara WITCHERY in the Web Boutique)

Modelling Mascara WITCHERY
With its slim rubber brush, topped with an innovative “bristle crown”, even the shortest lashes are defined and separated. The curling, gentle, hydrating formulation is both lightweight and intense.
This mascara is designed to layer and to touch up during the day.
Available in Golden Darkness, a warm, dark brown, and ‘Midnight’, a classic black. 

DramaticLashMascara-OxbloodPanache (Click on the image to see the Dramatic Lash Mascara MEGAPLUMES in the Web Boutique)

Dramatic Lash Mascara MEGAPLUMES
Our only coloured mascara comes with a classic, full maxi-brush.
Its rich burgundy shade is designed to enhance every eye colour while remaining absolutely wearable.
Suitable for contact lens wearers and those with sensitive eyes, quick drying, water resistant and smudge-proof, it has an easy to layer and no-flake formula.
Available in: ‘Oxblood Panache’

MagnitudeMascara (Click on the image to see the Magnitude Mascara UNIQUITOUS in the Web Boutique)

Magnitude Mascara UBIQUITOUS
A fine fibre brush and a wax-based, silk-protein-enriched formula is free from fragrance and alcohol. It’s long-lasting and provides a stunning, slightly glossy finish.
Available in ‘Almandine’, a luminous brown, and ‘Titanian’, a shiny black.