Rouge Bunny Rouge Pro Library: Colour Burst Lipstick

Let’s have a closer look at the reformulated texture of our signature Colour Burst Lipstick HUES OF ENCHANTMENT.
Its new, weightless formula with a satin finish, ultra-dense pigments and powerful anti-aging active ingredients makes your Colour Burst Lipstick the ultimate hero in your beauty kit of seduction.


What’s your favourite lip make-up? Casual? A classic red lip? Berry lips to make your smile the brightest? Nude lips, a peachy pout? Subtle or intense?

Let’s explore the possibilities that our signature Colour Burst Lipsticks offer.

Classic red lips

We understand the challenge of finding The Right Red Lipstick. And as you know, our mission is to bring you the most time-saving, long-lasting and uncomplicated products that are a pleasure to use.

This is the reason why we narrowed it down for you; and instead of giving you colour confusion, we have created just one – but perfect – red colour.

Our Colour Burst Lipstick HUES OF ENCHANTMENT in ‘Raw Silence’ is best-selling for a reason.

Its lightweight, moisturising formula guarantees not just a comfortable but a pleasant wear; the application is extremely precise. The rich pigmentation gives you just the right intensity of a true, perfect, cool screen siren red with a satin finish and an outstanding staying power.
Or, in the words of a customer:
“The perfect red, no unwanted undertones and not drying”.

Its best feature is certainly that you can wear ‘Raw Silence’ in about five different ways:
1. Dab ‘Raw Silence’ onto your lips using just your fingertip for a subtle, super modern lip tint.
2. Wear it with a foundation as a base and outline with our Long-lasting Lip Pencil FOREVER YOURS in ‘Marco’ for an immaculate, minute retro pout (great on pictures, too) – or go even further and enhance your cupid bow by drawing it with just a tiny drop of our Highlighting Liquid SEAS OF ILLUMINATION.

3. Wear it alone and apply using a lip brush but no lip liner for a very sleek, polished look.

4. Add volume and a wow-effect by applying just a dab of our golden Loose Glitter Pigment FIRE DROPS in ‘Sleeping Under A Mandarin Tree’ to the centre of your lower lip.

5. Create a classy matte look by applying a thin layer of our Mattifying Primer METAMORPHOSES on top.

College girl look & daytime office makeup

If you look for a daytime lipstick to enhance your natural beauty in a near invisible way, go for cool or neutral “my-lip-shade-but-better” colours.

These are not necessarily what we call “nude” but can be quite rosy, even soft berry colours. Cool shades will make a lovely highlight on warmer toned skin and create a stunning harmony on cooler skin tones.

‘Whim of Mine’ is a neutral, very elegant raspberry ripple pink and suits all skin tones universally.

Customer praise:
“Have ‘Whim of Mine’ and can't imagine life without it”

‘Word of Mouth’ is a shiny cool cherry syrup, our ultra-feminine, universally flattering shade. We love to say it’s like a LBD of lipsticks.

Customer praise:
“The texture of this lipstick is super light but it is has potent color and a very nice finish.”

‘The Plot Thickens’ is a pale, rosy nude-beige.

Best age – how to look younger with the right lipstick

It’s a good idea to go for creamy textures and colours with a warm undertone; avoid pale and cool shades (lavenders, cold mauves, pale/greyish pinks).

A hint of fresh, peachy glow on your lips will beautify your complete look and give you a more youthful appearance in a very subtle, classy way.

You’ll want to look for a non-drying, creamy texture and anti-aging, nourishing and moisturising properties. Colour Burst Lipsticks contain Volulip™, a plant-based active ingredient that creates more volume and models the lips while intensely hydrating and enhancing skin firmness. Delicate, Shea-Butter-derived SheaSoft™ makes the texture particularly smooth and silky – and a pleasure to wear

‘Irreverence’ is a beautiful natural rosy pink.

Customer praise:
“I have the shade Irreverence, which is the perfect 'my lip but better' shade which I adore

EXTRA TIP: if you want an even more subtle wash of a beautifying, plumping warm pink colour with all the benefits of anti-aging lip care and a flattering, delicate finish, our DAZZLING SIP Shimmering Luxe Balm looks and wears like a lipstick while helping you keep the lips nourished. Wear it alone or with your favourite lipstick.