An exclusive fragrance – a good gift?

Today we are answering fragrance related questions from our customers, including the one in the title of this post.

Now, a luxurious fragrance always looks like a gorgeous gift idea for a loved one, but you must consider a few things to make it a pleasure for the recipient.

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Choosing gifts for the loved ones is quite a task

If you have ever wondered how to choose fragrance for a gift, this shopping guide is for you.

Q: If the recipient is a fan of a particular fragrance, should I get them just that?
A: If the recipient prefers a specific perfume, it might sound sensible indeed to pick that very fragrance.

Before safely “re-stocking” their perfume stash with your gift, you might want to ask if they would appreciate an olfactory surprise – you never know, they could as well be looking for a new favourite – and what notes or fragrance families they would like to explore.

Q: Do you offer fragrance samples?
A: Yes.

You can purchase sample sized natural spray vials from both our PROVENANCE TALES and FRAGRANT CONFECTIONS collections, up to two samples per scent per purchase. FragranceLaunch_Cynafin_Blog_May14However, when new fine fragrances are introduced, we offer free samples with every purchase for a limited time. To never miss out on such offers, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter here.

More Rouge Bunny Rouge Fragrance Knowledge

Three more fantastic questions about unisex fragrances and a rare name.

Q: I have read that all fragrances are basically unisex. Is that right?
A: Absolutely.

If might sound strange, but if you think about it for a moment, you will quickly realise that scents, just like their close cousins, the tastes, are not female or male per se. Is the smell of a green apple female or male? Is freshly cut grass female or male? Is the elegant, powdery, solemn smell of iris, or of a ripe fig, or of exquisite woods female or male?

As part of the social conventions, fruity, sweet and intensely flowery fragrances are “defined” as female, whereas fresh, maritime, green scents are considered male.

The beauty of Rouge Bunny Rouge fragrances is their exciting conceptual contradiction; always on the edge of cool and warm, fresh and powdery, sweet and tart, intellectual and carnal, they are pure olfactory excitement, no matter who you are.

Q: What does CYNEFIN mean and how do you even pronounce it?
A: Oh, we love this question. Thank you.

All our fine fragrance names are chosen for a reason – our Founder and Creative Director Alexandra always looks for a semantically exciting word, or a word that hides a world of meanings and connotations within it. And CYNEFIN is a particularly beautiful Welsh word, meaning ‘habitat’ or ‘haunt’; but also ‘familiar’ or ‘accustomed, acquainted’.

Let’s now see how it sounds.
C is pronounced like a K.
Y is pronounced like “u” in “mud”.
N is your familiar “n”.
E is pronounced like “e” in roses.
F is pronounced like a V.
IN is your familiar “in” (bin, tin).

Now let’s pronounce it with the emphasis on the first vocal.

That’s right.

With CYNEFIN, we pay homage to the beauty of Wales, with the aquatic ozone notes to remind of the breezy air at the coastlines. Rare fragrant herbal notes are an olfactory bow to the glorious nature, the moor landscapes and mountain summits.FragranceLaunch_Cynafin_Blog_May14 2

Q: Are Rouge Bunny Rouge fine fragrances suitable for vegans?
A: Yes – all Rouge Bunny Rouge fine fragrances are free from animal ingredients, as well as phthalates-free and paraben-free.