Rouge Bunny Rouge pro library: Make-up brushes

Learn from the best: our make-up expert Jo Levy on the importance of using make-up brushes.

When you only start out with make-up, using brushes can seem scary to unnecessary. After all, you can use the product directly (lip pencil, lipstick, eyeliner) or with your fingertips (foundation, cream blush), can’t you?

Still there’s a reason why all professional make-up artists work with a set of their favourite brushes, namely:

For precise, directional application;
To obtain a flawlessly polished, impeccable look;
To achieve a variety of different effects with the same product.

With a plethora of choices of brushes available, it’s essential to know what make-up products you use to understand how to put together your perfect personal set of make-up brushes and to make a smart investment.

We have asked Jo Levy, our US-based Director of Artistry & Education to share with us her pro tips and application tricks.


Here’s her advice on how to make a smart investment and get yourself a set of personal top favourites.

Jo Levy: The Importance of Using Brushes + Additional Tips

Using quality brushes when applying make up is key for several reasons.

REASON 1: Brushes provide you with more control and allow you to blend a powder or liquid product more evenly.

For example, a synthetic foundation brush helps to deliver the application of a liquid foundation or tinted moisturizer more evenly all while using less of the actual product each time when compared to a sponge or your fingertips.

BRUSH TIP 1: Rouge Bunny Rouge Foundation Brush 009: a dense, flat brush that’s not too large. The Tecalon™ fibres used don’t absorb the product, thus giving you a flawless finish with less product.

BRUSH TIP 2: With the Rouge Bunny Rouge Retractable Lips Brush 010 made from natural sable hair, a portable brush is at your service. Its shape allows for a variety of applications – lipstick, concealer, eye liner – try it out.Rouge Bunny Rouge Retractable Lip Brush

REASON 2. It’s more sanitary

Using fingertips to blend out a foundation or an eye shadow may not be the best option as we retain germs, oils and bacteria on our fingertips and they can spread easily onto the skin, possibly causing breakouts or infections around the eyes.

Using brushes can cut down the chances of having break outs or skin irritations as long as they are cleaned on a weekly basis.

I recommend washing your brushes weekly with a gentle face wash or shampoo to help keep the integrity of the brush and also to keep bacteria at bay.

TIP: Don’t use too much shampoo and always rinse well. Let your brushes air-dry on the edge of a table so they don’t crease.

REASON 3. Quality vs. quantity. Its just as important to invest in a great set of essential make up brushes as it is investing in a great pair of shoes that will last for years.

Cheap brushes tend to fall apart within months, so you end up having to re-purchase brushes yearly, which can add up.

I recommend investing in a good set of 3-5 brushes: An eyeliner brush, a blending or contouring eye shadow brush, a large shader eyeshadow brush, cheek color or bronzer brush and a foundation brush. Its more important to have a smaller set of brushes that can be useful on a daily basis vs. a large assortment of brushes, in which half won’t be used.

TIP: Find out if you need a very soft, supple brush – ideal if you do a lot of blending, and if use loose powders – or a dense one for very directional, minute application of liquid products, creamy concealers and very defined eye make-up.

The brush size, too, depends on your favourite looks and the size of your facial features. A large sized contouring brush might work for one face and fail on another; and while a thin, round dense brush is great for covering up tiny blemishes, a flat brush will help work with a creamy concealer on a larger area of skin.

Take your time and enjoy yourself discovering what works for you.

Vegan-friendly Rouge Bunny Rouge brushes

Rouge-Bunny-Rouge-Blender-Brush-Tool-Makeup-Eye-ShadowHere is a variety of our professional quality brushes that we have developed as ideal tools for vegan beauty mavens.

Eyeliner Brush 008: you can use this thin, directional brush for gel and liquid eye liner, lip make-up, or concealer.

Foundation Brush 009: this dense and flat brush is made from Tecalon™ fibres that don’t absorb the product and give your skin a flawless finish.

Blender Brush 016: a dense, round brush on a thick, handy wooden handle to perfectly blend eye shadow or highlighter, or to smudge an eye pencil for a smoky eye.

Rouge-Bunny-Rouge-Highlighter-Brush-Tool-MakeupHighlighter Brush 014: is a dense, directional oval synthetic professional brush that works great with both liquid and powder products, providing both seamless blend and flawless coverage. Use it with concealers, foundations, or blush. Perfect with our Highlighting Liquid.

Shader Brush 015: a foam rubber applicator ideal for almost all eye shadow textures. The thick lotus wood handle is particularly handy for an exact application of a crease contour or a highly pigmented and shimmery eye shadow.