Introducing: Two New Fragrances


Infused with luminescence, 'Muse' has the seductive pull of a moth to the flame. Silky-scented notes are poised to reveal an earthy eroticism with the charismatic wiles of a forbidden flower. In enticing whisperings, the airy touch of fruity sweetness barely contains a jasmine accord, so deeply sensual, its more suggestive of artful potion than perfume. Creamy florals reaching out from resinous woods, moss and musk, keep you locked in the heart of 'Muse' forever.

'Allegria’s' vital scent sweeps the senses on a roller-coaster of giant stems, plunging and twisting across an Edenic landscape. In this botanical haven, sugared, citrus fruits in a delectable blend of sweet and sour saturate the air, the subsiding tide of sappy-green giving way to feelings of happy solace. While golden flowers and lustrous, metallic tones provide warmth and strength, the immovable struts on which 'Allegria' performs with the excited energy of a much-loved big dipper.

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