NEW IN: Two new Long-lasting Eye Shadow shades (plus make-up artist tips)

The latest eye shadow combination from Rouge Bunny Rouge in two complementary, timeless shades provides a versatile, miniature colour palette that can be used to create a variety of looks. These ultimate hues have a unique chameleon-like effect, expressing subtle differences from one skin tone to another, bestowing a unique result and personal style. What remains the same is the luminous satin-finish and soft, luxurious texture that ensures these covetable colours glide perfectly over the skin and are very easy to blend.

Long-lasting Eye Shadow WHEN BIRDS ARE SINGING

Discover a match made in heaven. The light taupe shade of ‘Rain Dove’ with its rose-gold shimmer is supremely elegant while the medium taupe ‘Rufous-tailed Weaver’, with bronze highlights, casts an angelic glow. Each is as stunning when used individually as it is when paired with the other.


Create your personal classic look by choosing one of our Long-lasting Eye Shadows. Apply dry with our RBR Applicator 015 and then blend the eye shadow with the RBR Shading Brushes (i.e. 003, 005 and 011). Buff with the fingertips for extra luminosity.

For a dazzling metallic sheen apply WHEN BIRDS ARE SINGING... with a wet brush. Use a darker or contrasting shade, damp, with our RBR Eyeliner Brush 008 as a liquid liner, either alone or over the RBR Eye Khol for a myriad of colours.

For a smudge-proof eyelid line use Aqua Primer and mix it with your favourite eye shadow and apply with RBR Eyeliner Brush 008.

Try 'Rain Dove' as a full eye base colour for light skin tones or as a natural all over highlighter for darker skin tones. For those with light skin tone and hair colour, use both hues to create soft, smoky eyes for the evening. The same look on darker complexions could be worn more casually during the day.

Enjoy the distinctive results of these complex eye shadows on your individual skin and the versatility the alluring pairing provides.

Our new eye shadows are available as mono eye shadow shades and refills perfectly made for our Duo and Trio Keeper.

For swatches, please visit our Long-lasting Eye Shadow board on Pinterest.