Guest Post: From Runway to Real Way - adapt the hottest Autumn/Winter make-up trends to your life with Rouge Bunny Rouge

Talented make-up artist Marina, founder and editor of beauty and lifestyle blog and online beauty magazine 'Makeup4all', gives an overview on how to adapt the latest seasonal trends.

This is a mini-guide on how to imitate the hottest make-up trends that we saw during the global Fashion Weeks. There is no need to copy the looks blindly but they can be a great source of inspiration. Just always remember to adapt what you see to what is suitable for you, your appearance, preferences and lifestyle. And don't be afraid to experiment, make-up should be fun, so enjoy working with it!

Rouge Bunny Rouge Trends Autumn Winter Fall Runway Complexion

What can be more beautiful than a youthful, healthy and glowing complexion? "No make-up make-up" is always relevant. And everyone can create it with the right selection of products. So what Rouge Bunny Rouge make-up can help you to achieve the desirable look?

You'd want to start with a PRELUDE IN THE CLOUDS Aqua Primer to make the skin smoother and to prepare it for the next step, plus the primer will help your make-up to last longer.

When it comes to such look, it is better to use light coverage products that don’t look heavy on the skin. I would suggest SKETCHES ON WATER Tinted Moisturiser which has the most beautiful and natural-looking finish, and allows your skin to show through. You don't get a feeling that you are wearing a mask.

If you have any imperfections - you can always cover them up with NAKED DISGUISE GLIDE CONCEALER. To finish off - apply PRECIOUS VELVET Flawless Face Powder which is one more step to a perfect complexion. It feels light, silky and smooth, and doesn't make your face look unattractively matte and flat.

Although, no one wants a shiny face, adding luminosity and subtle glow is a crucial step. Luckily, Rouge Bunny Rouge have liquid and powder highlighters in their range. But, besides those two, there is a very special and unique product - EYES WIDE OPEN Brightening Liner Duo which can be used on the water-line (to brighten up and counteract  the redness), under the brow bone, on the cheek bones and above the upper lip. It will give your face some structure and will bright out those features that you want to enhance.

To warm up the face and to contour you can try Liquid or Powder bronzers.

Rouge Bunny Rouge is a luxury niche brand, so you'd expect more exclusive and unique products from them. And you'd be right! The brand offers an Eye Gloss for those who want a sexy and modern "wet" texture. If such look, which can get a bit messy and grunge-y, is not for you - Long-lasting Cream Eye Shadow 'Brocade Skipper' is a great blush-toned eye shadow which works perfectly to even out the lids.

To finish the look apply something clear or shiny to the lips like the Shimmering Luxe Balm DAZZLING SIP.

Groomed eye brows are very important - so I would suggest something like 'Blackpepper Jay' Long-lasting Matt Eye Shadow, or a lighter shade, if you are a blonde, to fill them in.

Although, it's a no make-up make-up look, women in real life still love wearing at least a touch of mascara, so you can choose the one that works the best for you. And Rouge Bunny Rouge have several different types.

Marina-makeup4all-photoStay tuned to find out more about the other AW trends and make sure to follow Marina on on Twitter & Pinterest and become a fan on Facebook.

Thank you, Marina, for your guest post and inspirations.

Photos: Marina, Vogue

Looks shown above are from the following shows: Valentino, Balmain, Calvin Klein, DKNY, Isabel Marant, Issey Miyake, Viktor & Rolf.