NEW IN: Satin Eyeliner NOCTURNAL INK - Application Tips & Tricks

Do you wonder how to apply liquid eyeliner in an easy way? There is no need to be scared when it comes to liquid liners. We will navigate you through the application with our tips and tricks on how to apply our eyeliners in an easy and comfortable way.

Satin Eyeliner NOCTURNAL INK Blue Roan

The easiest way to apply a liquid eyeliner to the top lash line is to start at the inner corner of your eyes and draw a thin, fine line to the outside edges. Close your eye and pull the lid very gently at the outer corner. Place the tip of the line along the inside corner very close to the lash line and draw a line to the outside.

You can apply a second time for a wider line. You can go back and forth until the line looks as desired.

Satin Eyeliner Dark Bay NOCTURNAL INK
The most natural definition of your lashes can be achieved when using only the tip of the liner and applying the finest dots between your top and lower lash line directly at the rim. Use it only along the outside edges for an even more natural effect.

Are you looking to achieve a perfect wing? Start with the application of the line at the inner corner and enhance the line outside and upwards in a 45° angle. Use the outside edge of the applicator for a wider result.

Satin Eyeliner Friesian NOCTURNAL INK

If your eyes are small or quite close together, apply the Satin Eyeliner only along the outside edges at the bottom and upper lash line starting at the middle of your eyes. It is also the perfect way to achieve almond shaped eyes if desired.

Do you want to add a bit of sparkle? Add our Quartz Eyeliner 'Opalescence Essence' on top of 'Blue Roan' for an indigo opal result. Apply our 'Anthracite Essence' over 'Friesian' for the deepest black with silver accents.

Quartz Eyeliner DEVOTION INK
For a truly dramatic effect frame your eyes completely.

For an outstanding lasting effect for day and night apply Long-lasting Cream Eye Shadow 'Brocade Skipper’ as a primer before your colour application.

Long-lasting Cream Eye Shadow Brocade Skipper

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