'Utopia' Create the Look

Create this flawless, graceful look with eyes dressed in satin shadows and brilliant, voluminous lips. 

RBR Look 'Utopia' from Rouge Bunny Rouge on Vimeo.

The route to faultless skin is easier than you think. Start with the new GENESIS Original Skin Primer (coming soon) to create a flawless looking canvas that feels velvet soft to the touch.

This allows you to apply ‘Quinoa Cream’ Time Defying Foundation SKIN SANCTUARY in the most perfect way and with a long-lasting effect.

Add with the new Highlighter Brush 014 a hint of ‘Sea of Clouds’ Highlighting Liquid SEAS OF ILLUMINATION to the nose, forehead and cheeks and benefit from its reflective abilities that help diffuse imperfections. The brush makes it super easy to blend the emulsion. Simply apply in soft circular motions.

Continue to keep the look lightweight and bright with the Flawless Face Powder PRECIOUS VELVET ‘Piano Forte’ if needed, it cleverly achieves a finish that’s luminous yet matt.

A final touch of Original Skin Blush FOR LOVE OF ROSES in ‘Starina’ on the apples of the cheeks brings a natural glow.

The trick to creating perfect, expressive eyes starts with the base. The colour of chocolate-champagne,Long-lasting Cream Shadow SILK AETHER in ‘Atlas Swallowtail’ ensures the success of this look.

Follow with the Long-lasting Eye Shadows - apply WHEN BIRDS ARE SINGING... in ‘Rain Dove’ (comings soon) on the lid to illuminate, and add definition by blending new ‘Rufous-tailed Weaver’ (coming soon) into the crease with our new Blender Brush 016, focusing on the outer corner of the eye. To complete, a touch of Loose Glitter Pigment FIRE DROPS in ‘Eaten all the Cherries’ at the tear duct will make the eyes appear more open.

Groom eyebrows with the clear Eye GlossSMITHEREENS OF STARS and add it to the eyelid as well for a dewy, modern twist to this classic make- up look. Finish the eyes with several layers of luminous black ‘Titanian’ Magnitude Mascara UBIQUITOUS for a dramatic effect.

Transform your smile with just two products. Trace the edge of your lips with Long-lasting Lip PencilFOREVER YOURS... in ‘Marco’, then quickly fill in.

Apply Sheer Lipstick SUCCULENCE OF DEW in ‘Murmurings’ over the top without fear of bleeding; this glossy auburn hue is both classic and voluptuously sensual.

Utopia Look Rouge Bunny Rouge Beauty Collection

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