Fragrant Confections Collection range

From the moment you receive a RBR fragrance a sensuous beguilement begins. The pristine white, textured box, as if fashioned from stiff, silk brocade and bespeckled with finespun, botanical illustration, promises a hidden treasure.


On opening an elegant perfume flacon with transparent, embossed flower, indicative of the fragrance within and set against pretty, sandbrushed, satin-matt glass, appeals with an irresistible allure.

A silver neckband and smart metal cap that feels heavy and luxurious in the hand, provides the final, refined statement. The overall effect is stunning, like holding a precious, faceted jewel to the light.

Then, when the first delightful spritz of perfume melds with the warmth of the body, an array of carefully crafted, precious ingredients develop slowly over time; telling their story on the skin chapter by chapter, continuing the lasting seduction.



An opening of fine-spun lemon cocooned in bergamot bubbles and a flash of fresh coconut tones announce the arrival of the star of the show, the orchid, in the softly floral heart. In majestic repose the orchid summons the preternatural weaving of jasmine, lily and rose. While polished facets of sandalwood and cedarwood, embedded with radiant vanilla and musk, assert a cool sensuality that feels both strange and familiar.



Freshly crushed leaves, cinnamon and apple drift through transparent vanilla and continue the theme of unexpected solace. While with every mellow waft, set adrift over blonde woods and precious musk, comes the cosy feeling of returning home.



Fresh fig leaves and succulent, sun-warmed peaches are revealed through transparent veils of watery coconut and frosted violets, overgrown with bitter green. Basking in the warmth of the skin, this aromatic mantle of fruit, leaf and flower is bound by smoky vetiver.



Fresh, lush fig-leaf-fans ignite the air with scented swathes of rich black fruits that boldly incite exhilaration. suspended on spice and volcanic vetiver, this silk and sylvan aroma aims to fluctuate and tease.


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