Do you know the story behind our Fragrant Confections Collection?

Buried deep below the Enchanted Garden, accessible only through a winding maze of caves lies the Vault of Captured Memories. Behind a multitude of invulnerable doors, the Connoisseurs of Scent work tirelessly over their luscious spoils. Gathering the mists of memories and emotions from baffled senses, they harness the vapours into innumerable flacons of glass. A myriad of aromas, resplendent with botanics and the mystical adventures of otherworldly dwellers, conjure the mysterious and venerate unbounded beauty. Collected fragrant wisps that evoke the garden’s heart, beat like a pulse in the hushed air.


Merged in an unfolding story of exquisite fragrant confections that are quietened, calmed and hypnotically charmed into vessels; each precious essence is bound by phellem and placed in a labyrinth of tiny vestibules. Here the captured odours surrender to lucid dreams until gently roused from fathomless slumber.

Then with the unparalleled capacity to recount their ethereal world without words, they once again glitter afresh and pursue rapturous flight. The Connoisseurs sit in judgement over who may enter the antechamber to receive aromatic breaths that give pleasure, establish harmony, excite curiosity and kindle reflection. Each diffuses good and bestows a blessing, gift, power or treasure; first upon its new owner, then through them, to the world.

The Fragrant Confections of CAPTURED MEMORIES are inspired by these preternatural vapours. Each of RBR’s four compelling and emotive scents, 'Lilt', 'Chatoyant', 'Vespers' and 'Incantation', ensure transient, marvellous moments in the Enchanted Garden breath through the senses again. Relish the release of your chosen chimera that the flight of time can’t exhaust. A single delightful spritz permeates with a soupcon of Enchanted Garden magic.

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