'Atlantis' - Our new Summer Look

The second chapter of our Enchanted Journey draws from the graceful mystique of the lost civilization that is ‘Atlantis’.

The look is ethereal and pure, inspired by the legendary isle that is brimming with magnificent palaces and temples, and was the domain of an ideal society. Within one fateful day and night the realm was devoured by the ocean’s gargantuan embrace, leaving only whispers of a glorious existence.


‘Atlantis’ catches these poignant echoes and lets them flourish once more - this time by celebrating a healthy, nude look and the dewy, luminous glow of supernatural majesty.

The subtlest hints of colour bestow a healthy, nude look and wistful, mesmerising quality. The incredible light touch of Aqua Primer PRELUDE IN THE CLOUDS brings a gorgeous softness to skin, while Highlighting Liquid SEAS OF ILLUMINATION ensures a fresh radiance. These invisible wonders work hard without trace to provide an effortless beauty. Magnitude Mascara UBIQUITOUS in glistening hues of ‘Almandine’ or ‘Titanian’ give lashes an enhanced dimension and superior luminosity, while XXX Lip Plump SWELL BLISS adds resplendent volume to your enigmatic smile.


RBR Summer Look 'Atlantis' from Rouge Bunny Rouge on Vimeo.