Review: Magnitude Mascara UBIQUITOUS

What bloggers say about the unique formula of our new Magnitude Mascara:

Visionary Beauty: "The first thing that struck me was how light weight the tube and brush feel, it makes application feel a lot more comfortable […].The fibre brush separates, lengthens and gives lift and creates a fluttery look. I really like that it catches all the lashes as I find most mascara cannot pick up my finer, smaller ones.

Best Things in Beauty: “Magnitude Mascara is exactly what its name suggests, a volumizing mascara that will amp up your lashes. The color, Almandine is one of the deepest, most natural brown shades I've ever used. […] It reminds me of the most luxurious dark chocolate. […] No doubt, the fairies in the Enchanted Garden worked their magic. Plus, the wand is designed to apply a good coat in one swipe to add volume and length to your lashes.

Magnitude Mascara_Almandine