Alcox' Beauty Secrets

Highlighting Liquid Sea of ShowersMake-up Artist Anne-Lena shares some of her favourite spring beauty secrets with us today:

Winter is over and spring in full bloom - now we are crawling out of our cosy, warm cushion fortresses. Dragging ourselves to the nearest mirror, we are wondering, "Lord have mercy...What shall I do against this oh so pale, tired looking skin of mine?"

The Highlighting Liquid from RBR is the perfect answer to turn our dull skin-tone into a healthily glowing one. Just put a little bit of liquid into your moisturising cream or into your foundation. The iridescent pigments will reflect the light, balance every unevenness, and provide you with the perfect skin.

For a special glow, just dab some of the pure liquid on your nose bridge, cheek bones, and on your lip heart.


To brighten up tired, small winter eyes, you should try the Brightening Liner Duo. Use the lighter shiny colour on the waterline of your eyes to make them look bigger. For fresh looking eyes, put some of the same colour tone right on the inner corner of your eyes. That should light up the darkness and add some bright tones to your new found spring freshness.

Brightening Liner

Speaking of uneven and tired skin, there is no need to despair of little blemishes. Our winter skin dries out quite easily, redness comes along with that. So don't try to cover that with heavy foundations. Most strong covering foundations are really dry, which doesn't go along well with the dryness of your skin. So better try the Tinted Moisturiser or the Liquid Foundation instead, and simply cover these blemishes with the Luminous Skin Wand where it is needed. If the redness is still strong, use a green-toned concealer to neutralize the red spots. Only use a bit of powder on your forehead, nose and chin.


In general, dabbing products onto your skin is better than rubbing. Dabbing carefully, you give your skin a little massage, which prevents wrinkles and flabby skin. On the other hand, rubbing means aggressively pulling and dragging all over your skin. Especially the thin layer of skin surrounding your eyes is very sensitive.

Luminous Skin Wand

When I discovered the Decadent Duos, I was amazed by the light, creamy mousse texture of the liquid blush. It is not greasy but gives a glowing, fresh-looking skin. Many women are afraid of using creme blushes, as some are really greasy, easily take stains, or do not even stay where you wanted it to stay. That certainly does not apply to this liquid blush. It is easy to use for everybody.

Decadent Duos Samba Enredo

You can use your fingers or the RBR Powder Brush 001 to dab the blush on your cheeks. The 'Duo Pen’ also includes a lip gloss which is perfectly colour-coordinated. And pssst.... you can also use the liquid blush as a lip colour. I love putting a bit of that lip gloss on top for that extra-bit of intensity.


After all, there’s only one rule of thumb to keep in mind: less is more when it comes to natural, fresh looking skin, when spring has come to chase the clouds away.

Anne-Lena Cox is one of our cooperation partners based in Cologne, Germany, and has been working as a freelance MUA for six years. She has worked for several magazines in the country such as Wallpaper Magazine, BLONDE Magazine, Fashion Today, Playboy, STEP Fashion, Glassbook Magazine, etc. In addition to her freelance jobs (for Schwarzkopf, ADIDAS, NIKE, Tom Tailor, Karstadt, Adidas SLVR, etc.) she also works as a make-up lecturer at the Pro Academy Cologne. You can follow Anne-Lena on Facebook & Instagram to see more of her work.