Glossy Neutral Lip

Every woman needs a fail-proof lip that will work with anything; Dark enough to provide definition but neutral enough to work for a variety of looks and occasions. Rouge Bunny Rouge offers an amazing selection of lovely hues, today though we will showcase three specific novelties from our product range that will enhance and define your lips...

Neutral Lip

Step 1

Line lips with a neutral liner that matches your own personal lip tone as closely as possible. For our model we used our Long-lasting Lip Pencil FOREVER YOURS... in 'Roald'.

Long-lasting Lip Pencil FOREVER YOURS... 'Roald' Softly define and enhance fullness in the lips by tracing out the cupid's bow and just below the fleshy portion of the bottom lip.

Step 2

Choose a shade of lipstick that has equal parts rose and beige. This will make for a wearable shade that makes the lips appear naturally flushed and healthy. We chose our Colour Burst Lipstick HUES OF ENCHANTMENT in 'Irreverence'.

DSC01174 The moist and lush texture of the lipstick defines and hydrates the delicate skin on the lips.

Step 3

Finish off by applying a pinky-bronze shade of gloss to give a gleaming shine that dazzles and delights. We chose our Glassy Gloss SWEET EXCESSES in 'Trifle Rich'.

DSC01177 Light reflects off the the dips and valleys in the lips giving the illusion of plumpness and vitality.

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