Tutorial - Nighttime Affair

Some events call for an extra special makeup- nothing else will do than a bit of drama on the eyes. For these special nights you can rely on some of our fabulous Long-lasting Eye Shadows to give you a sultry, piercing, ultra-saturated effect.


Step 1 - Start off with a clean eye primed with a neutral base, such as our Long-lasting Cream Eye Shadow SILK AETHER in 'Brocade Skipper'.

DSC01135 Step 1

Step 2 - Apply a shimmering silver to the inner third of the eye, like our Long-lasting Eye Shadow WHEN BIRDS ARE SINGING... in 'Vivacious Maguari'.

DSC01136 Step 2

Step 3 - Sweep a shimmery gunmetal shade across the entire mobile lid, stopping just at the crease. Our Loose Glitter Pigment FIRE DROPS in 'Night Wind Sailing' is an ideal hue.

DSC01137 Step 3

Step 4 - Using a fluffy crease brush, such as our Crease Brush 011, blend a matt grey onto the outer third of the lid and into the entire crease. A grey such as our Long-lasting Matt Eye Shadow WHEN BIRDS ARE SINGING... in 'Grey Go-Away Lourie' is a great option - it's matt, yet remains smooth without a hint of chalkiness.

DSC01139 Step 4

Step 5- Smudge some black liner along the upper and lower lash lines and apply a few layers of black mascara to intensify and frame the eye. Voila! A professional evening eye that's sure to impress and enchant.

DSC01143 The Finished Look!

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