Illuminate and Renew

Illuminate and Renew Your Complexion (Video Tutorial)

In today's video I will inform you on how to both illuminate and brighten the complexion as well as how to rejuvenate and renew its appearance. Especially as the colder months drag on it can be quite a task to keep the skin looking and feeling its best. Thankfully, Rouge Bunny Rouge offers some fantastic products that will imbue your skin with a lush glow - both evening out the complexion and providing hydration.

There are a few key products I will cover in this video. They include:

1) AS IF IT WERE SUMMER STILL... Bronzing Glow Liquid

2) SKETCHES ON WATER Tinted Moisturiser

3) CHEEKS IN BLOOM Blush Wand, Titian

4) LOVES LIGHTS Highlighting Powder, Sweet To Touch

Illuminate and Renew Your Complexion from Rouge Bunny Rouge on Vimeo.

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